Thursday 12 January 2012

2012 Promarker Tutorials - Jeans

Evening all!  We're looking at Jeans tonight!  If you missed the tutorial on RED HAIR then check it out here!  When colouring images you just need to be able to identify light and shade then as you get more experienced you'll become bolder and more fluent.  You'll still make mistakes, we ALL do but it a case of just understanding the foundations of how light moves.  Look at objects, clothes, peoples hair, look how the light catches it, identify the direction of the light source and try to transfer this to your design.  There are however different styles such as manga which had a much more pronounced shadow with light and dark points meeting in a straight severe line whereas in the kind of images we tend to favour its much more blended.

By the way did you notice there's going to be some NEW PROMARKER COLOURS? *Grabs card, sells kidney....* hehe cant wait!

Onto the jeans now.  I'm again using IZZY by Di's Digi Downloads and again I've done 2 versions as as recomended the other night in my promarker tips post HERE have a play around and keep a note of specific colour combos you favour.  Like red hair, jeans has such a huge range of shades so I favoured this particular combo. 



STEP 1 - Looking at Izzy's jeans, identify the highlight points, her left leg is in front of the right, there is a bump on the bottom of the jeans on the right leg, her bum, zip and around the pockets are all going to be a little more raised.  Colour in with POWDER BLUE leaving some white coming up from the raised point on the right leg, the bumps on the back of the left leg and the front of the left leg, pockets and zip as shown.

STEP 2 - Same as the hair tutorial, add in your mid colour in this case DENIM BLUE and colour over most of your powder blue 

STEP 3 - Add in your darkest colour, COOL GREY 4 - If you dont have greys you could use a darker shade of blue such as China Blue, make sure they're of a similar shade, e.g. denim is in the blue/greys
Add this in the shadow points so you'll see her top overhangs so that will be a shadow, inside of the pockets, down the stiching of the leg, inside the right leg and bottom of the turn ups.

STEP 4 - Go back to your POWDER BLUE and colour over all of the image leaving a small amount of white to blend in your colours.

STEP 5 - Repeat Step 2 and 3 going a little further into the lighter shade this time

STEP 6 - Blend over it with your POWDER BLUE covering over your white this time (Remember when you get to the bits you left white to just do 1 or 2 strokes over it.  If you feel you put too much colour over you can give it a swipe with a blender pen to take some colour off.


Right guys and gals you happy with that?  This one will show you how to add a little bit more depth and an extra fold.  You'll start very similar to the previous image but be a bit braver leaving some white space.  Using your POWDER BLUE, leave a lot more white this time and a little extra bit on the bottom of the right leg, more on the back of the jeans, more on the left leg extending up to the top and below the pockets.

STEP 2 - As before adding in your DENIM BLUE covering most of the POWDER BLUE

STEP 3 - Compare the pics of Step 3 from 1st tutorial and you'll see theres lots more lines of shadow, using your COOL GREY 4, go underneath those folds on the back of the leg, inbetween the 2 white patches on the right leg and add a bit more shape to the turn ups.

STEP 4 - As before use your POWDER BLUE to blend the colours and go over most of the white leaving part of the highest points untouched (back of jeans, front of left leg and the 2 on right leg)

STEP 5 - Add in more of your DENIM as before pushing in over the previous layer leaving some of the powder blue showing.

STEP 6 - Give a 2nd layer of your COOL GREY 4 but a little narrower than the 1st layer in some parts.

STEP 7 - Go over the lot with your POWDER BLUE leaving the whitest points until last then youre done!

Have fun and remember to play around with colours, make a note of ones you like or ones that didnt blend well together.  This one below uses turquoise, marine and petrol (coloured in about 3 minutes lol!)


Debbi Powell Designs said...

Another fab tutorial! Will have a go at this today :) I posted my first attempts at red hair on my blog

Still need a bit of practice, but not too bad for my first attempt :/ :)

Frk. Bogstad said...

Thank you :) I'll try this someday ;) Have a great weekend.

Anne-Marie said...

Can't tell you how much this is appreciated....did a red-hair couple but not posted 'em yet, but I'm happier than I was...ha!
Love the jeans one...can't wait to see what's next!

Shazza said...

thanks you they are fab!