Monday 10 November 2008

On the move!

We're off to a new pad on Saturday! More space than current one and better designed and I'll have my own crafting space again woo hoo! And its got CUPBOARDS! I've always bemoaned this place as its only got one cupboard in the whole house so looking forward to a neat and tidy abode!

Other than that no news really, Molly's got bronchilitis but is fine, still smiles and coos. She's *nearly* rolling over now and likes to make a dive for it if you put her on the couch sat up so have to watch careful.
Ethan is full of snots yet again, Dr said most toddlers will be full of snots from now till february! He's saying one word still - Car. His eyes nearly popped out his head before when a car transporter went by lol bless!

Thats about it really, busy packing and whatnot!