Saturday 14 January 2012

2012 Promarker Tutorials - Light coloured clothes

Evening all!  Back again with the 3rd part of this tutorial using IZZY from Di's Digi Downloads.  Today we're looking at a tricky one which is colouring light coloured clothes.  Its so tempting to put on more colour, I do it all the time :)

By now you should be more comfortable in identifying light and shadows or if you've landed straight here check out my tutorial page for the 2012 ones using this image.

Okies off we go!

I've used the same promarkers I used for the jeans (to keep colours to a min!) so you will need...


STEP 1 - Again study the image, are there any helpful lines that would indicate a high point or a shadow?  Before I start  like to colour over the area with the BLENDER pen to make the paper wet so do this now.  This image has some helpful little lines at the bottom of her top so add a couple of streaks coming up alongside them with the POWDER BLUE.  Continue this along the left arm and from the right side of her top under her face.

STEP 2 - Add a small amount of DENIM BLUE over the POWDER BLUE, keep it towards a consistent side so in this case I've put it on the left as the light point for the image is coming in from the right.

STEP 3 - Go over your area again with the BLENDER, the colours will merge and lighten slightly.  Add more POWDER BLUE over the areas you coloured in step 1 then add a couple more flicks coming down from the hemline at the top.

STEP 4 - Again add a small amount of DENIM BLUE to give you a 2nd layer but not over your new flicks of powder blue

STEP 5 - Colour over again with the blender.  The blender will only remove so much colour so you can let it dry and colour over again and it will get lighter.  Just try to keep your colour choices light and use the blender lots!

This is a photo of the reverse of your image held up to light.  Wet ink will shine transparent like the top does here, that shows you what areas are wet and will let you blend a lot easier.  If you look you will see the alcohol has seeped past the line.  If you were to put a colour on next to the line the dye will follow where the alcohol is and spread out so more likely to bleed beyond your lines, which most of us do but I'll show you some clever tricks for that soon ;)

Next lesson will be on grounding

Pssssssst..... Look whats coming up next week...


Aunty Sue said...

really must get a blender pen. Great tutorial

Angela Weimer said...

Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend. Angela