Thursday 25 September 2008

Catching up!

Poor Moonbeams is still sick bless her! She had a cold then that was followed by the runs which has now been going on for 16 days. I went through 70 nappies and 5 packs of baby wipes in a week!!! Dr has asked for some samples, Bruce asked me what I was doing this morning, Oh just taking a sample of Molly's poo, haha! Despite it all she's still smiling! She's very placid and sleeps through the night, loves being in the thick of the action with Eefie causing chaos around her, she just watches and laughs, well except when he hit her with a toy train, she told me in no uncertain terms she was NOT HAPPY!!!

Been having a go at making her some headbands after seeing them for $$$ on ebay! My lil girl will have bling!

On to Ethan, oh god love him. He is a little mother hen and helps me with all the housework. He puts his own nappies in the nappy bin, puts his mat back, put the milk in the fridge and closes the door for you, loads and unloads the washer and drier, puts the tablets in the machine, opens the drawer for the conditioner and closes it again, how good is he! Today I let him walk round Asda for the first time ever. He's always been strapped into the pram or trolley as he runs off but I thought I'd give him a chance. A woman was stacking some sandwiches and she had a load in a basket on the floor, one had fallen out. Ethan ran over, picked it up and put it back in the basket for her, how cute is that! I think the majority of his tantrums are down to lack of communication, he's not talking yet. He can say Car and phone and has a go at other words, wont be long now. I dont get many decent pics of him at the mo, he wont keep still long enough!

Here's a couple of wedding cards I made recently, the brides flowers were white & cream hence the very neutral shading!

First up is a Magnolia (surprise surprise!) Its on white card and I put it through the cuttlebug with the divine swirls folder on the bottom half then added a strip of patterned ribbon. The stamp was painted with versamagic chalk for a really subtle effect and the crowns were painted with 18ct gold krylon, the bride has got 3 translucent crystals and the groom has got 3 tiny black gems on the buttons. The 2nd card was done quite similar but you can see the shading on the dress more in that pic. I also used some flowersoft on the bunch of flowers for more dimension.

Friday 5 September 2008

Poorly ick kids

Awwww Moonbeams has been poorly ick this week with a cold. She's a trooper god bless her, she sounds like a bulldog snorting in her cot but will still give you smiles even though her nose is blocked. We've been completely blessed with this one, she smiles all the time, waits patiently, puts up with her brothers tantrums and is sleeping ALL NIGHT! Between 11-12 hours ever night now what a star!

I think what helped was the Magic of Rooibos or South African redbush tea. I remembered reading some stuff about it being used for colic so looked into it again and gave it a whirl. She was a different child afterwards, very calm and relaxed. In the evenings she has the odd gripe or two but nothing like it was, definately made a difference.