Wednesday 11 January 2012


Uuurgh had terrible head ache today, I think its a low pressure one as it started just before the rain.  I'm just editting the photies for the jeans tutorial which will be posted tomorrow and we'll cover pale colours too as they can be difficult (unless you know how!) so toodlie pip for tonight and I'll post again tommoz...

Oooh little pic to share of a project for friday, this one is red and black distress inks then a toothbrush (an old one!) dipped in bleach and flicked, kinda reminds me of the milky way so will have to do a blue version!  I'm playing around with techniques to do the postcard swap as we're getting our partners soon, ooh exciting!

Nighty Night!

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Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, lovely playing - great to see!