Thursday 26 June 2008

Little Miss Molly Moo

Little Miss Molly Victoria Trixie arrived on 24th June 2008 weighing 7lb 14oz. Got to hospital on tuesday morning to be told they couldnt induce me as she was already well on the way, apparantly I was 4cm so they sent me for a walk, labour started a short while later and she arrived 4 hours after that :)

Monday 23 June 2008

Bye for now!

Got to be at the hospital by 8am to be induced as they need to get Molly Moo out (gestational diabetes) so next post will hopefully be a pic of her! Here's how she looked 10 weeks ago in 4d so I'm itching to know what she really looks like and if she looks like her 4d pic :D

Thursday 19 June 2008

Recent cards

OK I can't actually take the credit for this one although I helped a little hehe! This is Eefie's first crayon drawing which I thought would look great for a fathers day card. Looks like a red indian with feather and headband to me so WELL DONE EEFIE!
This is a stampbord domino book I recently made for the Something Different swap on our yahoo group. Its my first project like this, I've done a couple of half books before so this is my first full one. Its made with moonglow shadow ink, stamped with adirondack ink and glazed with added micro beads.

This is a birthday card I made for Rachael from my UKS team, I was experimentin' and like how it turned out. The background for the stamp I did by running the vintage photo inkpad round the edge, wetting it with a brush and gradually pushing the colour inwards. I like all the colours on it, moonglow shadow and ranger distress inks.

This is one I made DD's mate who's recently had a little boy. I used the cuttlebug with moonglow starburst stains daubed on and again its painted with distress inks. (I need more colours!)

This was made for Olive on our yahoo group for the teddy bear's picnic swap. Its the glitter acetate technique which I love doing but dont do very often anymore so thanks Olive, I enjoyed making it!

This is one I made for Benita for the IrRESISTable swap. It has the resist technique for the background. I tried using distress reinkers instead of inkpads and it went on like a dream so will definately switch to that in future. The butterfly is actually a rub on I've had for eons and "saved for best" I customised it a bit with sticky gems and added highlights with dimensional glaze and stickles glitter glue.

This is Arlyns birthday card - Shhhhh it isnt until Sunday ;) Its my favourite Tilda with flowers in her hair I coloured with distress inks only added lots more water for a more pastel effect. Then I've stamped round the edge with tapestry stamps and added dots of glitter and some real flowers in the corner.
This is Jack L's birthday card. This time its painted with versamagic (chalk) ink. Tapestry stamps again and the background is made with moonglow starburst stains. I liked how Tilda turned out on this one using chalk ink :)

This is flying off to Spain tomorrow as its for the yahoo groups Cutie Pie swap. Its on pink bazzil bling card with hero arts flowers and Tilda is painted this time with dee gruenigs blending blox.

And lastly this is one I've made for my 2 main midwives Alana and Helen as I wont get time after Molly Moo is here! I had Alana as a midwife with Eefie too so I've used Magnolia baby Alvin (how cute is he!) and Tilda with baby Tingla stamps painted with distress inks, marvy pens and adirondack ink. The lettering is a cuttlebug one - You're not the boss of me.

Hope you like :)

Recent ATC'S

Uploading quite a few recent dabblings as I wont get much chance for a while! I've developed diabetes apparantly so they wont let me go overdue. Seeing consultant tomorrow so should get a date for Molly Moo to make an appearance, hopefully she'll come before they start interfering!

Anyways I shall start with some recent ATC's I've made for various swaps and things.
This one is Baking Tilda Blue and is coloured using ranger distress inks. I'm getting the hang of the skin tones now with many thanks to Marlene's blog!

Next up is Daydreaming Tilda (the stamp is Tilda waiting) again coloured with distress inks. The wording is done with scrapito foil and the background is alcohol inks.

Thought I'd squeeze one more swap in before Molly got here so these are for the Africa swap on Do Crafts. First one is a lovely stamp given to me by Shamela when we met in Cape Town. Its stamped on moonglow shadow ink that I swiped lightly with gesso so you get some tone & highlight. I then added more tones with distress ink. The background is made with moonglow starburst stains and the stamp is by Judikins. The African lady also had highlighs on her armband and crown using scrapito foil.

This was made using Dee Gruenig's blending blox in shades of orange. Same Judikins stamp (its one of theose cube ones) I added glimmer to the water with sakura stardust in clear and the lion I bought in Cape Town a couple of years ago.

Same as above, letting is chipboard (Z) and peel offs I painted with white acrylic and made the stripes with sakura glaze in black.

Last up is Gracious Pink. I had lots of enquiries for swaps over a couple of cards i posted on Do Crafts a while ago as people thought they were ATC's so now I'm getting round to doing an ATC version! The pink is moonglow starburst stains and the stamp is Da Vinci cosmos collage stamped on the background then partially on a 1x1" piece of stampbord, coloured with adirondack ink and highlights scraped away.

Thursday 12 June 2008

I'm still here!

The odd twinge here and there and I've slowed right down this past week, everything feels like such an effort, I'm shattered but not tired if that makes sense!

Had a lovely day with Bubbo, he's done his first ever crayon drawings. He's been in such a good mood today instead of his usual hyperactive self that its been marvellous! He sat on my knee for ages just messing with crayons, normally he bounces all over me until I'm sore but not today, maybe he knows something eh? ;)

Sunday 1 June 2008

And it starts.....

The manic cleaning! In the past couple of days I've hoovered the stairs - I NEVER ever ever hoover stairs, I'd rather stick hot pins in my eyes! The bathroom is now cleared of lots of nearly empty bottles that you keep "for emergencies" as you do.... Today was the bedrooms turn, I've dragged furniture everywhere, made the cot up and I'm sorting out all my old craft mags - if anybody wants any magazines (cardmaking & papercraft, papercraft inspirations, papercraft essentials that kinda thing) let me know, I only want an SAE. Now my crafting area is organised and squeeky clean. Boo says I sound like a hamster in the corner as I'm opening drawers and filing things away. The lounge is next on my hit list followed by the kitchen then the garden.

My feet sting, my legs are swollen, I've got carpal tunnel in my right hand and I'm the size of a whale but I neeeeeeeed to clean!
Anyways here's some more pics I took recently. This one is Eefie with Stacey. I told her she looks like Kajagoogoo, she said WHO? Showing my age I think! Bless her though, she's got a saturday job in a hairdressers and she did extra days last week during half term. She's worked a whole day and paid for a haircut for me on thursday as I'm always moaning about my hair! Its too long and eefie keeps ripping it out and pulling it and it drives me mad!

This is Eefie with his Great Grandma aka my Nan! She's 88 this month and is stubbornly, fiercely and determinedly independent! She actually let me make her hanging baskets this year, she never lets me do anything for her! I'm very close to Nan :)

I love this photo, its a shame it was just a tad out of focus. Boo & Eefie decided to play in the sprinklers. The water was ice cold and Eefie kept getting a cold blast on his bum which although he pulled some fabulous faces and looks of sheer horror he couldnt help but go back for more lol!

Wanna have a guess when Molly Moo will make an appearance? I'm actually due 25th. I was exactly 2 weeks early with Stace and had Eefie on his due date so have a guess!