Sunday 29 January 2012


I got Nuffin to share tonight :(  Been making a DT card for Tuesday so cannae show that yet and been scribbling away when I've had the chance.
Mols has been a party today dressed as cinderella with black faux uggs on. Its so her style to be a bit different. She takes after mommy, she loves colouring and has her own art corner in the kitchen. I got them both a little table for xmas where it has a roll of printed paper attached. She got Minnie mouse and ethan got cars. She'd used hers all up within 3 days and ethan hasn't touched his so waste not want not Mols has now claimed his too!

The kids at the party today were playing smurfs dance on wii so that's next on the list to get on ebay as she doesn't play much but she loved smurfette dancing bless :)

She's also eyeing up my pencils and was fascinated watching me colour a pic in on kraft with pencils yesterday and didn't budge an inch watching every move. Nope she's NOT having my promarkers! 
Im not overly precious about them, they're in an order I understand. I did try the proper order but we didn't get on. My mate Sarah is very touchy over hers though and her box is so neat and ordered. Saw a pic of a cat holding pens and a comment about no you can't have them as you smash the tips. Sarahs a cat person and its so her lol!

Also meant to mention that if you're near warrington we have a monthly craft group where we just rock up with whatever takes our fancy. Jane dizzy organises it so give us a shout and Ill put you in touch.

Anyway im off to do bits n bobs then tomorrow is desk tidy as Im in a mixed media postcard swap and we have our address list now so time to get mucky!  Im so undecided what to do as whenever I think I'll do this technique or that i find something else like my ferro paints or distress stains or...*rummages in draw*  Ooooh magenta chipboard squares....

This is my messy stuff drawer. I have most of it in the laundry room so just one drawer in my craft room in house of commonly *ahem* used stuff.
*Looks over at desk and no way am taking a pic*

Well considering I've Nuffin to share I rambled on a bit lol

Night all x


HelenR said...

Hi Vix, I have recently found your blog and am busy following some of tutorials- which I love! My crafty new years resolution was to improve my colouring skills and I am finding your tutorials very useful so thank you! I am not too far from Warrington and would love the details of the craft group you meantioned please!
My e-mail is

Thanks! HelenR :)

HelenR said...

Hi Vix, I wrote a reply to this post earlier, but then my internet went down so I don't think it posted :(

I have recently found your blog and I am loving your tutorials :) my crafty new years resolution is to improve my colouring so I am finding your blog very helpful! Thank you!

I am not too far from Warrington- I would love details of the craft club you mentioned :)

my e-mail is

HelenR :)