Friday 20 January 2012

2012 Promarker Tutorials - Skin tones

Here I am again with another tutorial still using Izzy, if you're follwoing these then please do leave a comment with a link to you blog so I can come over and have a looksie!
I have another skin tone tutorial in the Tutorials tab at top of the page and this first part is using the same colours which I find nice for newbies wanting to get a bit more adventurous than just using blush all over!

The colours I've used here are

BABY PINK or PALE PINK for cheeks

STEP 1 - Here I've added the IVORY leaving just a bit of white in the centre.

STEP 2 - Add the BLUSH going over most of your ivory (I always use the palest colour as a guide so I can see the image better)

STEP 3 - Add VANILLA leaving part of the BLUSH showing.

STEP 4 - Add PALE PINK or BABY PINK for the cheeks then colour over all the skin with your IVORY.  Next use SANDSTONE around the edges of the image as a shadow and then repeat STEP 1 - 4 to give a greater depth.

Your finished result should look something like this!  This is a good basic combo for getting to grips with using more than 2 skin tones as you cant go much wrong on it.  I used this combo for a long time until getting more adventurous!


This one is getting more adventourous with the tones, you might panic and think eeeek at first especially when you put the coral on but it all comes together in the end!

The colours I've used are...


STEP 1 - Colour in your face as above (Step 1 & 2) using IVORY and BLUSH then add some bold shadows using CORAL.

STEP 2 - Add BABY PINK cheeks and use CINNAMON around the hairline and down the darkest part of the face.

STEP 3 - Use BLUSH to partly blend in towards the white part in the centre then add a small amount of IVORY over the entire skin area.

STEP 4 - Repeat all the above steps to get some depth to your image then add a line of CORAL and smaller line of CINNAMON over the nose then blend them all in again.

STEP 5 - Whilst the ink is still wet add in more BABY PINK then a smaller dot of ROSE PINK in the centre of the cheek and use your IVORY to blend it all in.

This combo works really really well with Magnolias too which I'll show you in a couple of days :)


Aunty Sue said...

brilliant tutorial use most of these colours on mine

Kimberly said...

Love this colour combo, i usually use different colours but will have to try this. Thanks so much for

melsanford said...

This is fab, thank you. I really need to improve my colouring and this is a great help but I think I need to expand my range of promarkers first! I'll have a go when I've been shopping :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

Debbi Powell Designs said...

I've done my!

I'm really enjoying following your tutorials. Thanks for all the hard work you have put in to them xxxxxx

Lau W said...

Oh super ! Thanks for this tutorial !
Your colouring is fantastic !