Friday 29 February 2008

Eefie's birthday

Well it was our little boys 1st birthday yesterday!
Oooh is all this for ME!!! And I have Balloons!

Spent most of the time playing with clothes and balloons as I haven't worked out what prezzies are yet!

Then we went swimming, not been to that pool before and they fill it with toys. Had a long time in there then went home. Had so much fun it was tiring so slept where I fell!

Thought I'd hassle my Daddy. He's VERY tall, one day I'll be that tall too!

Then I got a birthday cake! Wonder why Mummy chose this one for me!

And it had a candle on it too but I can't blow them out yet! (Doesn't this picture scream scrapbook page!)

Mummy gave me some birthday cake. Oooooh niiiiice!

Job well done I think!

Thursday 28 February 2008


Happy Birthday to my precious little Son Ethan (Eefie) How fast has a year flown!

I'm taking him swimming today and we'll all go out on Saturday for his birthday. I've got all his prezzies wrapped waiting for him for the morning and some balloons to play with. I'll post some pics tommorrow. I can't believe how quick a year has gone, on one hand its flown yet on another it feels like he's been with us forever!

Here's the card I made him, I rejigged it a bit from last time :)

Linda's card

I changed my mind lol lol lol!

I saw a card made with a heart and felt inspired (cant remember which blog, if someone recognises which one do tell so I can give credit!)

This is Linda's first baby and she's waited a long long time for her so the heart was central to the design as I know that baby will be absolutely adored. So congratulations to Linda and Mike on the birth of baby Ellie Grace, this one is for you!

I'll explain a bit how it was made! Base card is Bassil cardstock in brown then I added 2 strips of paper, no idea of the make (ailing memory again!) then I've distressed the edges using heritage shimmer inks. The heart is made from bassil brown and pink. The brown heart I did some fake stiching using a white sakura pen and the pink heart is also edged with heritage shimmer ink.
The flowers are a mix bag, some are from a Brenda Pinnock scrapbook kit, some are prima hydrangeas and some are prima, the leaves are from a punch. They all have a PM crystal in the centre as does the right hand edge of the pink heart.
The lettering is from my cuttlebug, font "You're not the boss of me" and finally onto the cute bit the stamp! Its a Magnolia, Tilda with baby Tingla (123 aaaaahhhhh!) which was stamped on watercolour paper with versafine black onyx and coloured using marvy la plume pens direct to paper then blended. I've done the wings and added highlights using sakura stardust in clear.

Sunday 24 February 2008


Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Boo
Happy Birthday to you!

Yep its Boo's 40th today! We got him a solid silver tie slide, traipsed everywhere round trafford centre for that! Eefie managed to lose his last one! DD got him an "I'm not 40, I'm two 20 year olds" mug lol! And he got a couple of the BBC wildlife books to go with his DVD's and a mini birthday cake :-)

Here's the card I made him, its a stampscape on watercolour paper that I coloured with various inks. I added sakura stardust clear to the water so its all glittery on those bits and added some flowersoft to add dimension.

Saturday 23 February 2008

Tilda & Ethan

Finally remembered to use Boo's camera so hopefully better pictures now! This one is "Party Tilda" by Magnolia. I had a go at watercolouring using marvy le plume pens direct to paper technique and blending them, getting there slowly! Also used some of the DCWV pocket full of posies papers, they're thick, glittery and lovely!

This one is for UK Scrappers February week 3 challenge. Card Making & papercraft magazines freebie this month was an embossing board and it has a scalloped edge on so I've used that and cut it out then drawn around the edges with sakura white. The background paper is also DCWV. The stamping I was a little disappointed with, they're HOTP clear stamps and I used Brilliance moonlight white which wasn't *that* visible. I hear stazon white is much better on darker colours so I think I'll invest as I do use white quite a lot.

Went to Trafford Centre today with DD and Eefie. He's such a big flirt! Anything in a pram haha! Bless him though he had some garlic bread and dropped his last piece and looked at it on the floor then at his hand then at the floor and looked really sad ahhhhh! Big Sis gave him some of her subway instead so he was happy then! He tells you when he wants more by raising his hand to his mouth. He's lovely to take out, he loves people and crowds and will eat literally anything so he's easy to feed on the go. DD used to be a nightmare to feed (still is at 15!)
Anyway its Boo's 40th tomorrow!!! I don't think he's very happy about it lol!

Friday 22 February 2008

Have managed to do UKS Feb week 3 challenge but the photo is awful so will have to take one in daylight tomorrow. Also did a magnolia card using the watercolour paper Sheilakins kindly sent me using marvy pens. Oooooh BIG difference! It blends woo hoo! Will upload tommoz before I post it to Rachel.

Have spent most of the day following me dear darling Son around clearing up the mess he makes. He empties his toybox and whilst I'm clearing that up he pulls out all the DVD's then moves into the kitchen to pull the washing from the basket. He's smart this one, if he empties the basket he can move it. I currently use it to stop him getting in the kitchen drawers. A trip to Mothercare is in order for some kiddie locks! He also helps (hinders) me with the washing, I load the machine and he unloads it just as fast. Today he's managed to pull the drawer out of the machine as it was filling with water, he got drenched in conditioner, was lucky he didn't scald himself so now the drawer is sellotaped....

A 20 times daily ritual of his is to empty my craft drawers of stamps. He likes to look at them and fling them on the floor. I took a little video of him in the aftermath, normally its MUCH worse!

Wednesday 20 February 2008

UKS challenge

Had a look at this weeks challenge on UKS

Song title from sound track of Saturday Night Fever or Grease as LO title - 10pts
Two photos - 10pts
Something shiney - 5pts
To use white on LO - 5pts

Sounds good to me! I've been meaning to sort out my 12x12's. They're such a mess! Considering I have an "organiser" it isnt very organised *blush*

Postie's been, not my usual one either. By the look on his face I aint a pretty sight in the morning haha! He brought gifts! Sheilakins sent me Lotus back and made me a fab card using her (will upload later) and some watercolour paper (hot press I think, mine feels very different) and some stamped Thomas Kinkade images. I was looking at buying a couple of TK stamps but I dont think they're gonna be my thing. I'm not very good at colouring but I'll have a go. Been looking for inspiration for Boo's 40th this Sunday and I think I'll use one of the TK images, its gonna take me days to complete!

Tuesday 19 February 2008

Postie stalking

A watched postman never arrives it seems. Bit like a watched kettle never boils. Spent the morning checking the door for the postie, absolutely no sign of him. Normally his bike is up the road but not today, nuffin, nadda arrived! Sheilakins has sent me my Lotus stamp home (I hope she made her diiiiirty!) and she's sent me some watercolour paper to play with and some thomas kinkade stamped images, she's sent these before but postie decided to keep them. Will have to keep an eye out tomorrow as they were sent recorded so they'd better arrive!

Its been warm the past couple of days so I've let Eefie explore the garden a bit. Now he wants to make bids for freedom all the time and doesnt seem to care that the temperature is plummeting to sub zero!

Managed to finish a couple of cards off today. This one I used part of the 4 florals QVC kit and I used my cropodile to set the eyelets, how cool is that thing! Sooooo easy to use!

Finished off Linda's card, she's being induced today so should be a mommy in the next few hours. I've added the word congratulations since I took the pic and I'm waiting to find out the baby's name so I can put it in the circle bits.

Sunday 17 February 2008


This weekend I've been experimenting with colouring. Learning more about blending and adding tone for depth. Well I say learning, whether I achieved anything is debatable lol! Much fiddling with marvy pens on various surfaces, couple of diva strops because I can't colour in! Actually if you leave it and go back it doesnt look as bad as you first think. I'm getting there slowly!
Also had a look at a new kit I got from QVC outlet, its a DCWV pocket full of posies stack which came with 48 sheets of 12x12. They're gorgeous! Just the right kind to use with magnolias and sugar nellies so I'll look at them a bit more and stroke them before cutting them up :)

Started a baby card for Linda. She hasn't had it yet but assumes its a girl. Poor girl is overdue by over a week now so from what I'm reading she's being induced early next week so fingers and toes crossed for a safe delivery and happy healthy baby!

I'm craving chocolate again! Not regular chocolate but things like wheetos and chocolate ready brek. Oh and custard.

Friday 15 February 2008

Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers-12

Ooooh a new stamp group - Fab!

Sooo I have to write a little introduction? Ummm

I'm a stamp addict, I mean a serious one! I absolutely love Stamp Oasis especially designs by Kaitlyn (I think thats her name). I'm also fond of stampscapes and PSX, hero arts, Magnolia and cutie stamps although I have a wide range from oriental to mountain ranges. I'm also fond of ink and messy things although I don't get much time to really play and experiment nowadays.

I've recently got a cuttlebug so been playing with that and I like the embossing folders you get for them. Technique wise I like to experiment and have dabbled with most but generally stick to stamping and a bit of 3d nowadays.

I do ATC's and I started scrapbooking last year although I'm not very good at it (different way of thinking) but I get pleasure from it so it doesn't matter.

I have a 15yo daughter and a son who's 1 on the 28th and a baby girl due on 25th June and THATS IT no more lol!!! My partner is South African so you'll sometimes see some African designs here and there. Thats about it!

Happy Birthday Jude

From our Yahoo group! Now its her birthday I can show her card ;)

This is a Magnolia (Tilda) stamp called "Summertime Tilda" Stamped with stazon and watercoloured with pencils and highlighted with sakura pens. The blue is Ikandee shimmer chalk then I've stipled the edges in brown. The papers are HOTP and the card is bazzil as are the brown flowers, the smaller blue ones are prima flowers.

Thursday 14 February 2008

Happy Valentines!

A day of extreme highs and lows. Some will know about the issue with DD last night. I'm not happy about it. She's stayed in her room all day and I think she's waiting for me to go bed before she raids the fridge. She's quite welcome to come down but she's stubborn (wonder where she gets it from!)

On a high I went shopping with Eefie today and he's such a loving little boy. Wheeling round in a trolley he's always wanting hugs and stares at me intently. I end up pushing the trolley with Eefie's arms wrapped round my neck as he's constantly wanting cuddles (or nuggle buggles!) Also nipped into QVC and got a couple of bits, ok they're not exactly bits but in terms of VFM they're fab! Ones a scrapbooking set with 48 papers in which I'm itching to look at! Havent had time to even look at them yet.

And of course its valentines. I don't *DO* Valentines. I made Boo a card and a meal but I really dislike the whole valentines thing so I'd rather not bother with all the flowers and whatever else you feel obliged to buy! I prefer to get flowers and token gestures "just because" and spontaneous. I bought Eefie a rubber duck which says Quackers about you! Actually I picked it up to look at and he wouldnt let me put it back lol!

Anyhow, here's the card I made Boo. The yahoo group has been experimenting with Spinning cards so thought I'd have a go. This has 3 spinners on. The hearts and the edging is made from encaustic wax. Hope you like :)

Wednesday 13 February 2008

Molly Moo

Have been for my rescan, everything's 100% and they rechecked the vital bits. Most definately a girl! She was more active today and I saw her face really clearly which was cute :-)

Here's a newer pic.

Tuesday 12 February 2008

Don't say a word!

See previous posts about DECISIONS!

OK the last flower circle was nice in its own right but just did not suit the image. This poor purple circle is being dragged everywhere but I think this is its rightful home (*I retain the right to change my mind again.....!) Whilst I'm here, the purple circle I made by running it through the cuttlebug with the embossing folder. Not sure what its called but its lots of circles and flowers then I sprayed it with moonglow purple something or other! (Note: See previous notes about memory loss!) The flowers are prima and I've used ickle tiny buttons I've had for years but "Saved for best" as you do. I think the stamping would have been better about 5mm further up...... It was the first time I've used it so I'll remember next time.

OK this is my final version, I think..... :P

Monday 11 February 2008

1st Sugar Nellie

Been having a tinker today. Yesterday I managed to make a purple circle all day! I like the purple circle and thought it would go well with the sugar nellie stamp so today I made a card using these and the tapestry stamps.

There was just something about it I didn't like. OK I hated it! It just doesn't look right to me at all. The photo makes it look better than it actually was! Ended up scrapping that one and making this one instead.

Much happier with this version! The shine you can see on the trousers is made by using standard watercolour pencils but the water I used to blend had pearlex iridenscent red mixed with it giving it this lovely sheen to it.

Sunday 10 February 2008

Feb week 1 UKS challenge

This is a layout I've done for UKScrappers Feb week 1 challenge. The challenge was to use a Beatles song title (This boy) use paint (the title is stamped in paint) bright colours, 7 of something & no flowers.

I'm still a noobie when it comes to scrapbooking and I'd love to start mixing in loads of different papers but not got the confidence yet! I lean towards neat and ordered with my LO's - considering my OH reckons I'm a messy moo then its a complete contrast lol!

Introducing Molly Moo

Had the scan on Wednesday and after the initial shock its sinking in I'm having a lil girl :)

I was soooo convinced it was another boy as the pregnancies are identical so Loopy was right AGAIN lol lol!

She didn't want to play and was curled up asleep with her bum in the air like Big Bruv so we couldn't get a decent picture of her. Going back on Wednesday for a rescan so might get a better view then.

Soooo this one will be Molly Victoria or Molly Moo :)

Friday 8 February 2008

What a difference a day makes

Ahhhhh what a completely different day! Took Eefie to his puddleducks this morning. He spotted the bag about an hour before we were due to leave and was mithering me to death and got really excited when I took hi out to the car. He's done really well and had been underwater twice although he wasn't too keen and the 2nd time he KNEW what was coming and tried to get away lol! He was jumping in off the side and LOVED it. I tell him to splash and he does. He's now ready to move up to the next class so will look into that.

Then we went to visit Kellie off the pregnancy forum. She's got 3 kids, one in school and the others 2 are only just over a year apart. There's only 26 days between Nathan and Eefie. I was glad to see the little un Nathan was not taking any stick from Big Sis and stood his ground. Thats quite reasurring as I've been worried about how Boygi will cope with Eefie. Eefie was asleep before I even got out of Kellie's road lol!

Oooh and I got some new stamps too! I got Magnolia's - Tilda with baby Tingla, Rainy day Tilda, Party Tilda and baking Tilda and thought I'd try a couple of Sugar Nellies and got Lola with flowers and Sitting Nellie. Now all I need is some time to MAKE something!!!!
I also really need to clean the dining table so I can actually scrapbook something! No space at the mo so will sort that over the weekend!

Thursday 7 February 2008

What a day!

Eefie has driven me up the wall today. He started the day by being completely naughty going for his dad's cup of coffee and not stopping till he managed to tip it all over his dad. Then he's done nothing but whine, cry and bitch all day. He just didn't shut up. He carries on until he gets louder and louder then he shouts at the top of his voice. Nothing has consoled him, tried gel, powder then gave up and tried calpol but nope still the same. Sometimes when he's overtired he goes manic so I thought I'd try to settle him to sleep for a bit. Fat chance, he bounced on my bed then hit his mouth on the metal frame making it bleed. This kicked him off even worse than he was and I ended up taking a time out in the kitchen and just sat on the floor like a jibbering wreck whilst he banged the door trying to get in.
Bit later on I was sat on the swivel chair and went to pick something up he'd dropped, as I bent down he pulled on the chair so I ended up in a heap on the floor whilst he ended up with the chair on top of him.
Then I think thank god its bed time and took him up for his bath with his dad. He got over excited and banged his mouth again on the bath making it bleed *again*

How can such a little thing be soooooo physically and mentally EXHAUSTING!!!!

Still I love him to bits though, I think he knows it!

Some of my cards

Wednesday 6 February 2008

So much for decisions. OK I made one, I decided this morning I DO want to know the sex of Boygi. Boo thought there's no way I'd be able to keep it from him so he agreed to find out too. After half an hour trying to find a parking space we finally got there and waited another 50 minutes to be seen. Everything's fine except she couldnt see the stomach as it wasn't full so I get to go back for another scan next week yay! She checked the sex 4 times so now we know :P

Tuesday 5 February 2008

Decisions decisions.....

Why does pregnancy brain completely destroy any ability to make a decision or is that decisions, I can't decide.....!

What is for tea? Like I'm supposed to know?! Or the biggie, do I want to know the sex of Boygi? OK I'm asking her to write it down so I can look when I've made a decision...... or not. See I made a decision!

Took Eefie for his 7-9 month development check today, ok he's nearly 1. He's going to be tall, yay he didn't get my height, or lack of it. He's 91st percentile for height, nearly 98th for weight and 75th for head. Rugby is calling him....

Its pancake day today, Boo wanted cheese and golden syrup, errrr ok, who's the pregnant one here? Weirdo!

Haven't made anyfink today although I did pick up a set of tapestry stamps I ordered from my LCS in like early december. I know I had some ideas for them at the time but I cant remember now.... No doubt I'll find a use, they're cute little things :)

Monday 4 February 2008

My poor little Bubbo has got a cold, bless! He's got candlesticks and really struggling at night despite heavy doses of kiddies olbas oil. He's still loving as ever though and plants big kisses on you - ewwww! He's got his 7-9 month development check tomorrow, ummm he was 11 months a week ago!

On Wednesday I've got my 20 week scan with Boygi. I've now decided I want to know the sex even if Boo doesn't. I think it will help bonding and sorting things out beforehand. I also found out some info from the hospital, they're offering 4d scans now at better prices than most private places so think I'll be booking in in about 6 weeks or so.

I'm convinced its another boy, Boo thinks girl so we'll have to wait and see!

Anyhow craft wise I've not done too much in the past few days. Made this card for Kathy D's birthday.

I haven't made a vintage card for AGES so really enjoyed this one. The image is stamped with one of the adirondack 4 colour pads so it runs from cranberry to bottle then I've stipled around the image again in adirondack before edging (stipling again) with krylon copper so its got a nice metallic finish. The ribbon was actually from the ends of a cracker, a gorgeous burgundy colour organza.

Friday 1 February 2008

Circle Oriental

We're back from Puddleducks, Eefie really enjoys the water so we'll start going to other swimming classes too in a couple of weeks. Its absolutely blowing a gale and hailstones. Where is the snow!!!! We havent had any yet *pout*

Anyway thought I'd show a card I made recently. This one is for the Orient Express exchange on the yahoo group. I've seen these circle cards being sold and just think "why???" use a compass and a pair of scissors! I've also been making keyrings from stampbord so the lady I made this card for got a bonus matching keyring as I wanted to practice.
I started with a plain white circle of white card then sponged on Dee Gruenigs Shades of orange ink then heat set it to stop the embossing powder sticking. Next I've stamped on the oriental girl using versamark and moonglow embossing powder in midnight copper. The stamp is from a plate by Simple expressions called the orient available from Katy's Corner Next I've stamped the willow or whatever it is in versamark and embossed with moonglow midnight emerald EP then I've stipled krylon gold around the edge. The flower in her hair is a peel off with a crystal in the centre. The card background is some oriental backing paper I got ages ago in my LCS and I've tied red raffia on it. Also edged the card with krylon.