Friday 6 January 2012

End of the week news

Good evening all!  Its Friday hooray!!!  I can have a bit of a lie in tomorrow, not much but better than getting up in the dark!  Been a good week, have bought some new stash :D  Got some birthday pennies so got the classical instruments stamp sheet from The Stampman as its the only one of the collection I dont have and Ive always oohed and ahhhed over the samples I've seen and want to catch up on some birthday cards as I was really lax last year so making more of an effort this year!  BTW if you sent me a card recently I'll be mailling you personally in the next day or two.
I'm also waiting on some new Tildas, havent had any for ages so thought I'd go for them, waiting for Sir Stampalot to re-open after xmas so should come next week sometime.

Also got Queen Annes lace squares as I'm thinking alcohol inks :)  Got the flowers at the back from a LCS (Caroles craft) loved the look of the spirals, they would be easy to make with wire, tape and glamour dust.

Onto my shout out for tutorials - Yes Sheila we can do Teddy Bo's lol!  I have a few of them I havent used yet either *blush*

For jeans and grounding I'm going to use an image by Di's digi downloads called Izzy because she's cute. wears jeans, has a little dog, I can ground her and we'll cover red hair, I'd like to cover blonde through to black too over next couple of weeks.  She's only $2 (approx £1.29) so if you did want her to practice on she's easily available and wont break the bank though you can use any image you like.  We'll start these on Monday.

Well going to skidaddle, got to clean the fish tank again tomorrow uuurgh, if you ever think of getting a goldfish dont bother lol!  We won one at a fair and got it friends and they've cost a fortune getting bigger tanks and they constantly need cleaning as they produce a lot of waste so the nitrogen levels get high quick and the filter sponges and carbons don't last long.  Just had to move my 2 red capped orandas into their own tank in Staci's room as the original goldfish is nipping them and bullying them so they needed separating as orandas are very gentle.  Staci wanted red and black gravel so their tank looks quite funky now!  Next week will be a LED bubble curtain as it needs more lighting and the orandas love bubbles, see what I mean kerching!!

Oh before I go just interested if any of my followers are in the international mixed media postcard swap on Musings on realities?  I think there's over 100 playing so this could be interesting!  Dont panic you only make 10 lol but check it out!


Glennis F said...

I am keen to see what you do with the Queen Anne's lace squares, as I have that stamp too, and it has only been inked once!!

Debbi Powell Designs said...

I can't wait for your tutorial. I was in High Leigh Craft Shop the other day, and was chatting about Promarkers with the manager, and I was shown the images you had left there, which were out of this world. You are very talented. I really want to concentrate on improving my Promarker skills this year, so your tutorial will be fantastic xx

Scrapcat 1 said...

love the post Vix, have fun cleaning the fish out!