Sunday 22 January 2012

All the best laid plans...

Evening all!  I had so many plans today that completely went to pot!  Id planned to do the step by step for teddy bo's at craft club today but forgot the camera then thought never mind can do that this evening but DDs has nicked my room to watch a dvd. Pffffft!  So Im consigned to my bedroom with my fone and promarkers.  So instead I'll show you the process I use for a tutorial! 
I have my favoured combos like everyone else but I like to experiment too and see what looks good so here's a pic of 3 teddy bea in progress with my colour notes.  I prefer the top one which is my usual combo however when I do the tut id probably go a bit darker round the edges. 

The bottom left is a tri colour so useful for beginners and top one uses same but adds a couple more colours and one on right has a different base colour, satin as opposed to pastel yellow on other two which I think gives a better glow :)

So we'll go through this tommoz with the step by step x


Debbi Powell Designs said...

Can't wait!!!

Scrapcat 1 said...

looking forward to the tutorial