Wednesday 18 January 2012

2012 Promarker tutorials - Grounding

Morning again lol!  Had a request for this one and its something you can do so easily that really ties an image together so it doesnt like its floating in the middle of the page!  This one is GROUNDING so basically adding a shadow underneath the image.  I'm going to show you a grey shadow and a green one which you can add more texture in to make grass.
Again I'm using IZZY from Di's Digi Downloads

The colours I've used here are....


STEP 1 - Underneath your image use the COOL GREY 1 to colour in quite a large area, try to imiagine how the shadow would look in real life so make it wider where the image is stood gradually going up to a narrow bit at the top.  Cool Grey 1 is very very light so it won't matter a jot if you make a mistake here plus you'd usually be trimming it down to add to your card so go wild!

*NB I've editted the photo a little darker so you can see it better

STEP 2 - Add some COOL GREY 3 now leaving a larger shadow

STEP 3 - Add a smaller bit of COOL GREY 5 directly under the points that are touching the floor

STEP 4 - Use your COOL GREY 1 and colour over the entire greys to blend them all together.

STEP 5 - This bit is optional but whilst your ink is still wet from blending all the greys in from step 4 use your COOL GREY 5 again and with a light hand re-add it.  As the ink is still wet it wont be as harsh a line as you see on step 3.


You can use lots of combos for grass depending if you want it looking green and lush or more summery, its the same principal of using a light, a mid and a dark so here I chose my favourite grass combo of LIME ZEST, PEAR GREEN AND OLIVE GREEN

STEP 1 - Same as for the grey, add a shadow underneath using LIME ZEST

STEP 2 - Add in your PEAR GREEN as Step 2 above

STEP 3 - And again like step 3 above add in your OLIVE GREEN

STEP 4 - As above blend in your greens using the LIME ZEST

STEP 5 - As above, whislt the ink is still wet use a light hand to add in more OLIVE GREEN underneath the points that touch the floor.  You can leave it as is or continue and add some flicks of PEAR GREEN to make some grass blades

STEP 6 - Add a few blades of OLIVE GREEN here and there then give it all a once over with the LIME ZEST and repeat step 5 and 6

You can take your time more with this and use the Letraset Fine Nibs to add more pronounced blades and greater shadows :)


Lou said...

Another brilliant tutorial Thank you so much, this is something (else) that i struggle with so i was so pleased to see you do this - i am following your tutorials and practising with a few images - i will get there one day, but it is fun learning (with great help) Thank you again.

Lorraine said...

Nice one Vix. I couldn't believe the difference it made just adding a bit of shadow. Never done it with the green though.

Glennis F said...

Thanks, that is so much better looking than my efforts

Lorraine said...

fab thanks for the tips huni xx

melsanford said...

Hiya! Fab tutorial, thank you :-) Debs sent me! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx