Friday 29 February 2008

Eefie's birthday

Well it was our little boys 1st birthday yesterday!
Oooh is all this for ME!!! And I have Balloons!

Spent most of the time playing with clothes and balloons as I haven't worked out what prezzies are yet!

Then we went swimming, not been to that pool before and they fill it with toys. Had a long time in there then went home. Had so much fun it was tiring so slept where I fell!

Thought I'd hassle my Daddy. He's VERY tall, one day I'll be that tall too!

Then I got a birthday cake! Wonder why Mummy chose this one for me!

And it had a candle on it too but I can't blow them out yet! (Doesn't this picture scream scrapbook page!)

Mummy gave me some birthday cake. Oooooh niiiiice!

Job well done I think!


Rosie said...

What lovely photos - they scream album or mini-book... never mind layout! There's a girl in France who did one recently - she's called "Tout le scrap de Peg" - could be in my blogroll, if you'd like some ideas!!

Melissia said...

Aww, what a cutie! Happy birthday to your little man.

And I love the monkey cake! LOL

Claire aka Feline said...

What a lovely Birthday you had Ethan and what a very special Birthday cake that was...hugs xx

Sarah said...

Aww, so cute!! Definitely some photos there for scrapbooking (or embarrassing with future girlfriends!!)
xx :0)

Dawn said...

wow, what wonderful scrapbook pages these pictures will make!

Love the cake!

Annapurna said...

I love the binky boy. Nice pics and commentary :-)

Rachel Webber said...

Ahhh, he's so lovely, hope you all had a brilliant day!

Annapurna said...

Thanks for the info. I just joined.

Jami said...

Happy birthday:) I love the cake

Hels Sheridan said...

cute piccies...looks like he has had a lovley day...and that monkey cake looks very yummy :O)) Hels SBS 12

Jami said...

You've been tagged:)

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