Friday 8 February 2008

What a difference a day makes

Ahhhhh what a completely different day! Took Eefie to his puddleducks this morning. He spotted the bag about an hour before we were due to leave and was mithering me to death and got really excited when I took hi out to the car. He's done really well and had been underwater twice although he wasn't too keen and the 2nd time he KNEW what was coming and tried to get away lol! He was jumping in off the side and LOVED it. I tell him to splash and he does. He's now ready to move up to the next class so will look into that.

Then we went to visit Kellie off the pregnancy forum. She's got 3 kids, one in school and the others 2 are only just over a year apart. There's only 26 days between Nathan and Eefie. I was glad to see the little un Nathan was not taking any stick from Big Sis and stood his ground. Thats quite reasurring as I've been worried about how Boygi will cope with Eefie. Eefie was asleep before I even got out of Kellie's road lol!

Oooh and I got some new stamps too! I got Magnolia's - Tilda with baby Tingla, Rainy day Tilda, Party Tilda and baking Tilda and thought I'd try a couple of Sugar Nellies and got Lola with flowers and Sitting Nellie. Now all I need is some time to MAKE something!!!!
I also really need to clean the dining table so I can actually scrapbook something! No space at the mo so will sort that over the weekend!

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