Thursday 7 February 2008

What a day!

Eefie has driven me up the wall today. He started the day by being completely naughty going for his dad's cup of coffee and not stopping till he managed to tip it all over his dad. Then he's done nothing but whine, cry and bitch all day. He just didn't shut up. He carries on until he gets louder and louder then he shouts at the top of his voice. Nothing has consoled him, tried gel, powder then gave up and tried calpol but nope still the same. Sometimes when he's overtired he goes manic so I thought I'd try to settle him to sleep for a bit. Fat chance, he bounced on my bed then hit his mouth on the metal frame making it bleed. This kicked him off even worse than he was and I ended up taking a time out in the kitchen and just sat on the floor like a jibbering wreck whilst he banged the door trying to get in.
Bit later on I was sat on the swivel chair and went to pick something up he'd dropped, as I bent down he pulled on the chair so I ended up in a heap on the floor whilst he ended up with the chair on top of him.
Then I think thank god its bed time and took him up for his bath with his dad. He got over excited and banged his mouth again on the bath making it bleed *again*

How can such a little thing be soooooo physically and mentally EXHAUSTING!!!!

Still I love him to bits though, I think he knows it!

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