Thursday 14 February 2008

Happy Valentines!

A day of extreme highs and lows. Some will know about the issue with DD last night. I'm not happy about it. She's stayed in her room all day and I think she's waiting for me to go bed before she raids the fridge. She's quite welcome to come down but she's stubborn (wonder where she gets it from!)

On a high I went shopping with Eefie today and he's such a loving little boy. Wheeling round in a trolley he's always wanting hugs and stares at me intently. I end up pushing the trolley with Eefie's arms wrapped round my neck as he's constantly wanting cuddles (or nuggle buggles!) Also nipped into QVC and got a couple of bits, ok they're not exactly bits but in terms of VFM they're fab! Ones a scrapbooking set with 48 papers in which I'm itching to look at! Havent had time to even look at them yet.

And of course its valentines. I don't *DO* Valentines. I made Boo a card and a meal but I really dislike the whole valentines thing so I'd rather not bother with all the flowers and whatever else you feel obliged to buy! I prefer to get flowers and token gestures "just because" and spontaneous. I bought Eefie a rubber duck which says Quackers about you! Actually I picked it up to look at and he wouldnt let me put it back lol!

Anyhow, here's the card I made Boo. The yahoo group has been experimenting with Spinning cards so thought I'd have a go. This has 3 spinners on. The hearts and the edging is made from encaustic wax. Hope you like :)

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