Tuesday 5 February 2008

Decisions decisions.....

Why does pregnancy brain completely destroy any ability to make a decision or is that decisions, I can't decide.....!

What is for tea? Like I'm supposed to know?! Or the biggie, do I want to know the sex of Boygi? Yes...no...yes...no.... OK I'm asking her to write it down so I can look when I've made a decision...... or not. See I made a decision!

Took Eefie for his 7-9 month development check today, ok he's nearly 1. He's going to be tall, yay he didn't get my height, or lack of it. He's 91st percentile for height, nearly 98th for weight and 75th for head. Rugby is calling him....

Its pancake day today, Boo wanted cheese and golden syrup, errrr ok, who's the pregnant one here? Weirdo!

Haven't made anyfink today although I did pick up a set of tapestry stamps I ordered from my LCS in like early december. I know I had some ideas for them at the time but I cant remember now.... No doubt I'll find a use, they're cute little things :)

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