Sunday, 12 July 2009

Thanks Cath!

I received a most beautiful concertina pop up card from Cath with full destructions and a plain example too so I could see how it all worked. Thank You so much for this Cath, that was so kind of you!
Had a couple of practice runs on it and think I've sussed it ok now :)

This is the inside, I used Lotus for the central panel and edged with gold paint dabber and I stamped and embossed some oriental coins in detail gold for the other 2 panels. The whole front and back are stamped with a chinese dragon.

This is the front, its stamped again with the chinese dragon but embossed in detail gold. The poppies are made with starburst stains in poinsettia gold and swiped with brilliance red to make them a bit redder. The black central piece is thick vellum and I added a chinese coin charm with a black bead and a couple of swarovski beads and tied it all together at the side using eyelets.

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Cath Wilson said...

That's gorgeous, Vix. Love the way you've done it. Don't forget you can vary the pop ins and pop outs so they're different sizes and pop in or out... bet that doesn't make a bit of sense - duh.

Also have to say (and I'll post this further down) that your colouring is amazing - love the way you coloured that cute girl!