Tuesday 21 February 2012

Black & White at Passion for Promarkers

Evening all!  Gosh I'm stiff today, dont know if I slept funny but everywhere hurts ouchy!  Darn fibro!!  Might be a bit stressed too which can cause a flare, my lad having a tough time of it in school and today he came out, threw his bag on the floor and by the time we got to the car he broke down sobbing.  Its heartbreaking as he's only in reception :(  He was having trouble with some boys and OH spoke to the head about it who promised to deal with it blah blah and nothing seemed to be getting done so he pointed out 2 of the boys and I happen to know their mum so WE sorted it hopefully.  I know its 6 of 1 and half dozen of the other but the school never told us anything, Ethan told us.
Today he's hit another kid so is in the grey cloud yet again, I think he's frustrated.  He told his dad he cried because his coat wasnt zipped up but you know your kid dont you and he was proper sobbing.  Just dont know what to do for the best sometimes.  I sometimes feel like the teacher is thinking god not her again when I'm asking for feedback but the thing is he's been seeing a paediatrician since he was 18 months old because of behaviour issues so she SHOULD be feeding back any issues to me seeing as we've got an appointment soon.  Grrrr getting mad now!

Anyway I've got one to share with you tonight which is for passion for promarkers DT and the theme this week is Black & White.  We're sponsored by Tickled Pink Stamps who have provided us with images.

Sorry its such an awful photo, my camera is playing up and phone not much better and scanner I havent worked out properly yet!

If you havent seen already I have a promarker tutorial HERE about colouring in greyscale, its really easy honest so please do have a go as you'll get hooked!

The corner pieces are actually cut out from a corner adourner and glued on and the swirl is sizzix attached with letratac by letraset which is a repositionable dry adhesive which is permanent when burnished, its fab for fiddly swirly things :)

Anyway back tommorrow x


Sandra H said...

This is a stunning card love the colour combo Black and White this colour does make beautiful cards and can be used for any theme yours is stunning and l have just checked out your tutorial and its great thank you for sharing this:) Sandra H

Roma said...

Sorry to hear your son is having such a bad time at school ,i hope you can get the school to sort this out& get feedback from them ,
In my experience sometimes they like to sweep it under the carpet which is wrong but you just need to keep on at them ,
Anyway your card is so gorgeous its a beautiful image & papers .
I need to check out your tutorials badly as i am totally rubbish at colouring x

Scrapcat 1 said...

Hope you things sorted out with the school and I know that look teachers give when they see you arriving but that's their problem not yours, if she was doing her job properly you wouldn't need to go in.
I saw you doing this colouring on Sunday and I love the look I might have a go at the black and white but I won't be sharing if it's rubbish lol

Tara St Jon Caudell said...

Just a quick comment to say Thank you for all your advice on your blog and the inspiration you give to others, I found shading with promarkers quite difficult at first but after reading your "how to's" I'm alot better and more confident.....thanks again x

Mel said...

Wowsers honey! Its all just beautiful! Your image is just stunning and colouring is wooooowwww! Love it all!
Hugs M xxx

Lin said...

Sorry to hear about your issues with the school. I had grief when Emily was at school. She was being bullied and the school denied it was happening. In the end my Ex told them to sort it or her would and they wouldn't like how he would do it. Surprise, surprise, no more bullying.

Hope you can get Ethan sorted out.

Anyhow, the reason I came here!

Just stunning, as usual!