Saturday 11 February 2012

Take one pack of Promarkers - A review of the Limited Edition 2012 Spring Colours

Good evening all!  I have a little review for you tonight of the brand new 2012 Spring Limited Edition colours of promarkers by Letraset.  These are only available for a limited period of time and once they're gone they're gone!

Postie sent me my pack courtesty of Letraset Paul (Fankoo muchly!) and they arrived this morning so after Ethan finished his footie practice I have a whirl with them.

There are 6 in the pack and they are:-


I'd already seen these posted up on facebook the other week but its different once you get the pens in your hand and you start scribbling.  One thing I noticed straight away was that there are 2 potential skin tones, a blusher, sky and grass and you'd also be able to do hair so with this in mind I wanted to see if I could colour an image using ONLY these colours.  I have a couple of 'Shoestring tutorials' in my tab up there which are designed for those wanting to try a pack or just a handful of colours so I was looking at if I was a newbie and bought THIS pack would I be able to do anything with it or would I need to expand?

I chose a Magnolia image for this, Beautiful Tilda as I love her wings and love colouring them in in multi-colour so I started with this and used budding rose, feathered into daffodil bloom then fresh meadow and finally april shower.  I quite liked how this turned out so I moved onto the skin tones so using March Hare I added some shadows then some Budding Rose for the cheeks and also added this as a shadow mixing it in with the march hare then used the morning mist to fill in.  I felt it was a bit *too* brown so I used a blender pen to lighten it then added another layer whilst it was still a bit wet from the blender to give more tone.

The hair I used the daffodil yellow and the March Hare as the shadow keeping a bit white.

Onto the dress I added Budding Rose just in the shadow areas then coloured over with the blender and added a little more so so far so good!

Onto the sky I drew in my clouds then coloured the sky with April Showers then coloured over it all with the blender and again repeated.  When that was dry I added a bit of shadow using the april showers underneath the clouds to give some definition.

The grass I coloured the floor bit first with the blender then added the Fresh Meadow using the chisel end then coloured over with the blender.  I then coloured a smaller area in and gave a quick colour over with the blender then when that was dry I added a shadow underneath with the bullet end.

So there you go yes you can do an image using just one pack and a blender pen.  I do have my favourites for skin tones and this wouldnt be my first choice but I think its perfectly acceptable as a combo if you're wishing to try a small pack out and don't know where to start then you have skin, hair, clothes, sky and grass in a pack of 6 pens right here :)

If you're a hardened Promarker addict like myself then yes its a great addition.  The yellow is like a paler pastel yellow, the green is delicious, love the pink and I think that will replace my usual baby pink as a cheek colour and the blue reminds me of stormy sky distress ink :)

BTW the papers I have used are the Taddy Teddy Spring Collection and they match PERFECTLY to these ;)

These pens are available at LETRASET and other promarker stockists.


Debbi Powell Designs said...

Mine were deliver on Thursday (they were sitting there waiting for me after I came back from the Manchester Craft Fair) :) I haven't had chance to use them yet, but I have scribbles each of them on some card and I must say I like the colours. Quite vintage looking :)

Wiccababe said...

fab review Vix - they are a must for everyone using pm's :)

Scrapcat 1 said...

Oh Vix, I wish you hadn't shown me how lovely these pens are cos now I want them lol.