Monday 27 February 2012

Don't believe everything you read

I've got my serious face on tonight, yes I can be serious sometimes!  I just want to really bring to your attention that you know the saying "There's always one" well blogger is no different.

Recently a friend of mine on blogger has been accused of doing something by another blogger.  I won't go into any too many details but suffice to say the poster, although she didn't name her, made some accusations and the ensuing comments I can only describe as a witch hunt.  I was absolutely stunned to read comments from people who knew NOTHING about my friend nor had been shown ANY evidence of her 'crime' whatsoever but took this posters word at face value.  I know we do try to see the best in people, hell I'm as gullible as they come, but I was actually incensed reading comments that she should be thrown of DT's and forced off blogger. 

I've followed my friend since 2004 as she is a well established crafter with so many publications under her belt and she's such a lovely person I was so shocked to see people talking about her in this manner based on the ramblings of one blogger who as I said offers absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

I know in the past I have been quite challenging of certain people and would probably have jumped in and commented similar stuff myself in the past but I'm a lot older and wiser nowadays and tend to not believe everything I'm told.  I just want to say PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you see any postings anywhere that makes accusations against someone whether they name them or not then please think before you type out a "Burn them at the stake" response as the person being accused will read that and imagine how upset you would be should it ever happen to you?

Blogger is such a wonderful community and theres lots of great groups out there too but now and then you'll see something like this and people just dive onto the thread in support of the 'hero' poster, well please stop and think next time that it might be about you or a friend too and the effect that can have :)

Thanks all x


Glennis F said...

Hear Hear!!

Kim x said...

Thank you Hun, you don't know how much this means to me.
Everyones kind comments have certainly cheered me up a little.
hugs Kimx

Sue W said...

I am also a friend of the person who is being 'witch hunted' and am incensed by what is happening to her.
If anyone should be stopped from blogging it should be the accuser who is obviously jealous of someone elses success and will stop at nothing to discredit them.

Sue W said...

I am also a friend of the person who is being 'Witch Hunted'.

I am incensed with what is happening to her and know that it is unfounded. She has been an inspiration to me for many years.

I just hope that the person behind it has the guts to apologise for what they have done and not go round slandering peoples good name.

Susie Little said...

Needless to say this is why the blogger in question wasn't prepared to "Name and Shame" as she had no proof!

A few years back I was accused of trying to obtain digital goods without paying for them. Some clever put rather unscrupulous person had used a forum name and email address almost the same as mine to ask for these things. Unfortunately this has stuck with me and regardless of what I said I was and still am presumed guilty, just because of the spite of one person!!

Sandra H said...

l totally agree:)

Lau W said...

some people are jealous. I also saw horrible things written about some very nice people. the fact of winning a challenge or small things like that can make people jealous. it's so bad !

Shazza said...

oh dear this sounds nasty, hope your friend keeps blogging and ignores the culprit x

Gill Till said...

Thank you for supporting our friend Kim. She is a continual source of originality and I am amazed at her talent. The other blogger seems not to have left the school playground and is playing to the crowd. Kim is above these people and the jealousy is obvious.

Lin said...

Couldn't have put that better myself Vix. Sadly, way too many people are believing the accuser without any evidence. If she truly had this evidence she would have produced it by now. But can the sheep who all fall into line to yell 'off with her head' see that, nope! As my Mum used to say 'there are none as blind as those who will not see'

Lin xx

debs29blue said...

Hi Vix
Have just started to follow you and I'd like to congratulate you on your post about the awful treatment of the fantastic Kim. You are spot on with what you say. Kim is so very talented and for her to be treated so badly is just plain wrong. I visit Kim's blog all the time and I find her work incredibly inspiring and I am so glad so many people are fighting her corner. Hope this other individual feels very ashamed.
Debs x

Anne-Marie said...

Well said, Vix!

Vixykins said...

Shame the accuser chooses to delete the comments in support of Kim and then has the audacity to make out WE were leaving nasty messages which is all untruths yet again. Shame on you!