Thursday 23 February 2012

New family member and a ramble :)

Evening all!  Got a busy few days ahead as its OHs birthday tomorrow then Im picking Nan up for the weekend between decorating Ethans birthday cake for his party on Sunday. My mate Nic has made him Angry Birds toppers, will show you when they arrive tomorrow, they're awesome! 
Ethans birthday is on Tuesday so we'll be doing something then too and still got to finish cleaning house *again* 
Was close to meltdown today as Hoover keeps saying its blocked and does it all the time. Id planned my schedule today so that threw me!  Reminded me to chase up my specialist referral anyway and that caused a massive anxiety attack lol! 
In case you didn't know I used to see a clinical psychologist for 6 years who said he believed I had Aspergers. When i was in a work environment you learn to mask but can't say i made too many friends along the way, except last place in Salford as I think they deal with more diversity so dunno maybe they're more accepting of peoples quirks. Anyway being out of a work environment I've got nowhere to hide so the traits come out a lot more which has a massive impact on home and social life so I sought some MH support and psychologist said original diagnosis doesn't stand as he wasn't 'qualified' to give it so she passed me onto psychiatrist who quite frankly had no clue about AS. She said I can't have it as people with AS don't have relationships and babies - umm its hereditary!  So she finally passed me onto another psychiatrist who does know a bit and felt I do display symptoms of AS (no sh1t Sherlock!) so was referring me to a specialist and I've waited months sparkly chased it up and found they've referred me to one in London!!!  OMG massive anxiety!!  I don't do London sorry!  I asked a friend who lives near and he was assessed by sheffield who is one of the leading experts in the world so i rang back and requested I see him instead :).

Sorry I've rambled lol but its also for my own record to look back on as there are so many adults undiagnosed and the hoops you have to jump through are incredible!
I also suspect that the lack of diagnosing is maybe due to the fact that the health trust has to provide services so if adults with AS just don't exist they don't have to dig in their pockets! 

Fortunately im quite a strong character and know the system and complaints procedure so will take it all the way if only so that those behind me will get an easier time. They might not provide services but if they fail to diagnose there never will be any and all these kids who get diagnosed will be adults one day and what is there for them?

Anyway got a little pic to show tonight of our new family member - Sergei, how cute is he!  I was getting email reports of where he was along the way lol!  Glad i got him as hes my fav :D

Will be short n sweet over next few days so toodle pip!


Cath Wilson said...

Sounds as if you've had an awful time, my love. You really should speak to Jacqui - she was well involved with AS peeps cos of her son and has all kinds of contacts. I'll email you her email addy. You're amazing to keep on at it as you do - well done, you! As for plans - he, he - they don't work! Just go with the flow, if you can!

Glennis F said...

Dig your5 toes in, and get what you need.
Sending hugs

Scattychick said...

As you know Vix my eldest has Aspergers and i have a suspicion I have a very mild case as he has all the same issues I had as a kid. Like you I don't find it easy to make rl friends and find internet ones easier.

I hope they get you sorted sweetie and Ethan has a fab party. We are having Alex's 3rd birthday tomorrow (even though it's really monday) as we have family down so busy doing cakes and trifle lol.

Happy birthday Bruce xxx

Jane said...

Don't give up...keep fighting! xx

Kim x said...

You ramble girl, especially if it helps.
I'm always on the other end of an e-mail if you need to let of steam.
Glad to be part of the Stamp Man DT, my turn to stalk you it seems.
hugs Kimx

Sandra H said...

Oh he looks so cute!!:) Sandra H

Anne-Marie said...

Love your new fella, lol.
They don't half make you jump through hoops to get answers, don't they?
Hope you get it sorted, soon....all the frustration can't be helping, eh?
Good luck!