Thursday, 15 March 2012

Now on video!

Evening all!  Nearly forgot the time then! Been working on some video tutorials yay!  Oh yes Vixykins scribbling on vid :D  I've wanted to do it for ages and have been asked loads of times but I never know how to mount the camera and the video format on my regular camera isnt compatible or something but I've found it really easy to upload vids I take on my android so thought I'd go that route instead.  Nothing fancy, no fancy graphics as I KNOW I'll never get round to the editting and by the time I do the stuff I use would be discontinued lol!
So today I had a brain wave about using my DD's car kit thingy she has for her iphone which is free standing so checked and fiddle faffed a bit and got a decent enough angle so I'm off!

I've uploaded 4 today colouring in Peony Tails Tilda in various stages so one is the skin tones, another is the flower.  A lady who buys a few of my cards and stuff is learning how to colour so I asked her which stamp she'd like to learn and she chose Peony Tails so there it is :))

You can find my tutorials on you tube channel Vixykins or clicky below

I have a few other random vids there too like the Lymm May Queen which is random stuff they do in the village with Morris Men and a guy wth a beard dressed as a woman, its a bit like that round 'ere :)

Here's the finished one from the tutorial today, it was a quickie for me so aint perfect but you get the gist. Hopefully I'll be adding lots more in future.


Roma said...

Wow fantastic tutorials Vixykins! Look forward to more x

Sandra H said...

Wow that was brilliant:) xx