Friday, 30 December 2011

Done and Dusted

Phew Christmas is all done and dusted and I've got a little time to chillax, hope you all had a great one! 
It was my birthday a couple of days ago and i got spoilt!  My dd bought me a wii and my arm is wrecking lol!  Got over exuberant on the fencing game on sports resort!  With fibro you have to be careful and know your limits so i think I've pushed it ooops!
Anyway gotta tell you my new years resolution is to blog every day during 2012 (unless for some reason i have no internet connection!) so it will be this n that, works in progress, kids, life through my weird viewpoint so you never know what I'll write ;)
So to get in practice here's latest pics from past few days...Well actually i can't work out how to post more than 1 pic from the blogger app for android so I'll try lol!
My nan aged 91 having her 1st ever skype with her sister Joan in Perth, Australia, she's not been over since 2006 (nan travels quite a bit!) so that was lovely for them :)
Miss Moo dressed as snow white ahhh and Ethan sparko with dads phone after angry birds session!


Marie said...

How cool for your nan to be able to talk and see her sister. That must have been priceless for her. Very sweet kids too. :)
Love n hugs

Andrea said...

Such lovely photos - the one of your Nan brought a lump to my throat!
I look forward to reading what you get up to in 2012!
Best wishes for the New Year.
Love, Andrea xx