Thursday 31 December 2009

Last post of 2009!

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Well here's to the end of 2009 and the start of 2010! It was my birthday on Monday and my OH bought me a dishwasher so you know what that means? More crafting time yay!! Well some days it will be but its certainly given me some freetime to indulge my favourite hobby!

Over the past couple of days I've managed to do 3 cards, all of which I'd already done the image part and stashed it so just had to put the cards together. My nan also gave me some pennies for my birthday so after taking some advice from the fabulous Judy I went for the John Lewis Mini which is very similar to the mini janome she has. I'm a bit dim on things like that so it took me an hour to learn how to wind a bobbin and thread it, I've got the hang of it now though!

I've had a pretty good 2009, cant complain! Had a glass of baileys but I dont really drink anymore so thats me done now, will be having probably a cup of coffee at midnight! Here's hoping 2010 will be a better year if 2009 wasnt so good and look forward to all the creations for next year!

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Jill from The Stampman for asking me to be on their design team and I hope I do them proud! I love their products and have been using them for many many years so being on the team is an absolute pleasure for me!
Also the same to Nikki from Dewdrop Craftz who has some of the most interesting digi stamps on the net which I find such fun to colour as you know I LOVE my promarkers!
Also thanks to Joanna Sheen for sponsoring my challenge blog Crafty Cardmakers and helping get it on its feet and also to all the special guests who freely give their time and support to help fellow crafters and finally to all the team who willingly give their time and effort to help shape the blog and provide inspiration to all levels. Thank you girls xxx

Also a special mention to Sheilakins who has been a close friend for many years now, she is one of the most talented people I know and has had an excellent year since I kicked her bum to get blogging and to share her talents!

And to Cath who I've also known for many years who continues to be my mentor and inspiration with loads of beautiful examples and tutorials and advice on all levels.

Lastly to Bridget, this lady is battling breast cancer after losing her beloved husband this year and is one incredibly brave lady. She's also a fellow crafter so pop over to her blog and give her some healling loves and support :)

Thanks to you all xxx

Okies here's my last 3!

Butterfly Beauties stamp plate, starburst stains and lots of diamonds and pearls! Embossed with kaleidoscope EP and my first go at stitching on a card!

I can't remember the name of this stamp plate, Cath sent it me last year! Embossed with moonglow midnight violet, cuttlebugged french lilac violet starburst stains on half the card and swiped over with brilliance black ink.

I coloured this image AGES ago! I remember mentionning it on Vickys blog as she'd just coloured the same image at that time too. I embossed with UTEE then cracked it. The background is starburst stains jack in the pulpit teal swiped with black, the teals go so well with black. I felt the image was too "perfect" given the background so I grunged it a bit by rubbing brilliance black ink over the cracked UTEE and pushing it in with a slightly damp baby wipe. This made the ink spread on the paper giving it a grey and old look so was happy then lol! Its my last one of the year so here's to tommorrow!



Josephine said...

Lovely cards, Vix.

All the best for 2010!

Anonymous said...

Thank's for passing on those sites Vix, I will have a good look at them later...

Loving these card's, the Butterfly Beauty is gorgeous, the colour's fantastic, I love the whole thing...
and the lady with the fan, well that's my favourite, you have done a terrific job, love the stitching, what a fab birthday gift...I really would like one myself, but got to save some pennies first.
I loved the UTEE effect, I have tried that on a Victorian christmas santa image from JS, I used glossy accent's instead and then cracked ...I never managed to get the card finished though, it's with a few other started project's waiting to be finished.

I have family over for dinner today, so just having a quick peek on my blog and then get my house work and dinner ready.

Have a great day

Claire said...

Happy new year, love those cards.
I think I NEED those butterfly beauty stamps lol

Sarah Anderson said...

ooo, GORGEOUS!!! The butterfly beauty looks STUNNING in those colours :) I'm going through a bit of a love for orange at the minute so this one just hit the spot!!! Fan lady is fab too, she looks amazing in those colours.
Wishing you a very Happy New Year xx

Sarah Anderson said...

a special note for the new year to an art journalling stalker, and her friend: [lol]
- Hi Vix, in answer to your question, I use a thick watercolour paper in my journals so I can make wet and messy pages without worry of them crinkling or curling. Pink pig [] do spiral bound books at a good price, and you can choose from a selection of sizes to suit you. I happen to like working in square books for some reason! It's also really easy to make up your own books with watercolour paper pads from The Works (cheap) and your Bind-it-All (only cheap if you already own one!!!) And if you make your own, you can experiment by adding different types of paper in there. For me, the choice of book is also about the feel and look of the book when I get it out to journal in!
Hope that helps! Would love to know how starburst stains hold up to being a background colour in a journal [hint, hint!} Feel free to ask anything else. So many people left comments on my blog to say they were hoping to start journalling this year that I'm thinking of putting some kind of help on there x

Sarah Anderson said...

Vix, email me [], would love to meet up!! Can't believe you live so close :) I need a playdate to get me started with my starburst stains :)

Nikki said...

The thanks should be with you hun.. you are a fabulous member of the design team.. and your work is always fantastic..
I hope you enjoy using the DewDrop Craftz images this year too.. and here's to a great 2010
Hugs hun xx
Nikki x

cockney blonde said...

Love the cards Vix. Happy New Year to you too, and I hope your belated birthday card arrives soon.
Luv, CB,x