Sunday 20 December 2009

The Kids xmas crafting

What was I thinking haha! They both had colds so were stuck in bored so having to think up of new things to entertain them with so I just gave them some circles, some glue sticks, glitter glue and metallic xmas confetti, sequins and wooden xmas trees and........ a tub of glitter! Then I stood well out of the way lol!

Ahhh look at the concentration!

I heard Ethan giggling every few seconds then realised he'd found the glitter and he thought this was just the best!

A future C&C presenter me thinks! hehe!


☼ Cheryl* said...

Awww!! They look like they are having tons of fun!

Sarah said...

You'll be finding glitter for weeks!

Happy Christmas

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

This bring's back memories of my boy's...
They look like they had a great time...
Bet you keep your craft stash well away though

Vicky x

Nikki said...

Love it.. kids making a mess is how it should be :)

Hugs hun xx

Neet said...

Fab photos - just right for this time of year. What a great mummy you are - I'm thinking of all the cleaning up (and grimacing as I think).
Re your post on my blog - we have a time chasing the squirrels off the bird table too - cheeky but as you say - cute!