Friday 11 December 2009

Sex on the Beach & SFTW!

Whaaaaaaaaat? He he all will be explained!
I've won over at stampin for the weekend whoop whoop! And double whoop because I not only won stamps but also some CHARMS and spacers from The Hobby House yay! So Fankoo muchly, you'll see why I'm so chuffed at winning charms now!

So why Sex on the Beach?

Well during winter I hibernate a bit. I dont cardmake much in the evenings so only make what needs to be done and a couple of just because I felt like it cards so normally I'd sit in a warm cosy bed and cross stitch instead but not this year since becomming kinda obsessed with beads! It started last year with my secret santa Freyja from Katys Corner group. Part of the gift was some "Really old beads" which I thought were absolutely fabulous! From there I bought more and just added to them along the way. Then Judie kept mentionning beads and things and I was looking for an accessory for my phone and spotted some phone charms made from beads. I thought I could make them just as well if not better and charge a whole lot less for them too so from there I make phone charms, bag charms, keyrings and dangly bookmarks.

They're all UNIQUE too, I dont make exactly the same twice :)

To make them distinctive the colour combos I use all have names so Sex on the beach is based on the cocktail so is clear, yellow, orange and red topped off with a green leaf. Night at the Opera is black, red and silver and christmas lights is red, green and gold, see innocent explaination lol!

The way it works is people select the item (Phone charm, bag charm, bookmark or keyring) then select the colour combo and what theme i.e what end charm. I've made a fan page on facebook (coz it seemed more info could be put on than a group) if you want a proper look or to just stop by and say hello :)

I am working on a site but its a slooooooow process!

Sweet Art UK on Facebook

Some examples below.

"Sex on the Beach" colour combo on small phone charm

"Mint choc chip" colour combo on small phone charm

"Very Viola" colour combo on small phone charm

"Night at the Opera" colour combo on a bookmark
"Ice Storm" colour combo on a bookmark"Naughty & Nice" colour combo on a large phone charm

"Tranquil Seas" colour combo on a bag charm (Made for Jill @ The Stampman and it has a fairy, butterfly & violin to match Tracey's stamp plates along with a 4 leaf clover)

"Pretty Posy" colour combo on a small phone charm

"Ice Storm" colour combo on a large phone/small bag charm with guardian Angel

"Christmas Lights" colour combo on large phone/small bag charm with Guardian Angel

So thats what else I do on rainy days :D


Leigh said...

Absolutely beautiful work Vix. Love those charms.

Wishcraft said...

They're all beautiful Vix, really lovely! Lisa x

Leah l'Orange said...

i love these, Vix! am a sucker for embellies on my bag, so i am partial to your bag charms... will be missing your cards, but thrilled that you're still inspiring me!

Christine said...

Hi Vix, these are gorgeous, hope to see some on your cards soon.
Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog, I really appreciate it.
Christine xx

The Stamp Man said...

Hi Vix

Crikey you have been busy!! What a fab selection. If they are all as lovely as the "tranquill seas" that you have given to me, then you are going to be busy making lots more of these, I bet they will sell really well.

I could see you had spent a lot of time and thought on mine with the guitar, fairy and butterfly added too, as well as the colours you had selected for it, it is really well made. Clever you!!

Thank you again for my gift.

Jill xx

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, now you're hooked on beads better move to a bigger house. Not that I've got many!!! xx