Sunday, 20 April 2008

One photo, three looks

Thought I'd show you these photos (for the scrapbookers amongst us!) I've learnt a lot about photography over the past year and want to learn a LOT more. This is to show you to always look twice at photos. Some might seem pretty unremarkable at first glance and you may overlook its real potential, look at parts of it, baby photos particularly parts of the face or a hand for example.

This is the original snap I took of Boo & Eefie at Lake Bala which is nice in its own right but somewhat unremarkable.

This one has been cropped which throws the focus immediately onto Boo & Eefie and I've just switched it to standard greyscale.

Then this one has had minor changes and looks sooooo much better than the original :)

The light and shadows are more defined and the photo produces a lovely atmosphere.


Rachel Webber said...

That's fab, I love the way you've enhanced the photo, really brings out the subjects perfectly

Ruby Claire said...

WOOOW this is GORGEOUS! i love the final touch you did!
The photo is adorably too!

Jami said...

Very beautiful pictures. I love them all.

Hels Sheridan said...

Brilliant...what a difference you have made to the piccie...fab!