Sunday, 11 March 2012

A work in progress

Evening all!  My poor little lamb is still poorly. He perked up Friday afternoon so thought great he can go footie tomorrow then Saturday morning he was dreadful, perked up lunchtime then bad again in afternoon. Today he wasn't too bad this morning then got steadily worse and has been up and down all day. Hes got school trip tomorrow as well to see the dinosaurs at Liverpool museum but im going to keep him off and we'll all go when hes better and make a day of it and go by train. Will give him chance to recouperate too as this ia 3rd time in as many weeks hes been poorly and hes rarely ill, think hes only been Dr twice.

Well tonight I was spoilt for choice what I wanted to colour. I sorted out my room so I've got some space to craft!  Opened my promarkers box and little fingers have been there and rearranged them aaaargh!  Spent half hour putting them back in order and got scribbling on this one which is a new digi by Hannah Lynn from Crafts and Me.

I started with similar colouring to the original but soon gave that up and freestyled lol!  Not quite finished yet as have skin to do and touch ups but should finish tommoz :)

The hair is a mix of carmine, violet, orchid and mulberry.

Off to finish watching csi, thanks for stopping by x

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Sandra H said...

So sorry to hear that the little fella is still not too good hopefully he will be better for his trip would be a pity if he missed out and your colouring to the image is gorgeous l'll be back to check out the finishing touches. xx