Saturday, 3 March 2012

Catch up

Evening all!  No creations to share tonight though have been scribbling away earlier. Went Dr other day as fibro flaring and I try to stay off meds as much as I can but the tummy cramps got too much to bear. He said I have colic lol!  Didn't know grown ups got that!  Been taking new meds and drinking rooibos to try ease it off a bit.

Ethan was 5 on Tuesday and he had his party last Sunday so Tuesday i just made a party food tea, i think i could eat that every night, cheese and pineapple, ham sandwiches cut into triangles you know the type yummy :)

Here's a pic of birthday boy, got him out of bed early.  Hes so difficult to wake up before hes ready, not that im complaining, wasn't long ago he was a baby that didn't sleep so Im quite grateful really!

Hes been poorly past couple of days, he tells me one of the kids in his class was sick on the carpet in school :/  We've spent lots of time having cuddles which has been lovely as hes usually in school all day so really appreciated the time with him recently :)

Well going to take more meds so catch up tommoz

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