Thursday 26 August 2010


Gosh I have been quiet lately! Its the kids with all their latest bugs and last week I've had a 2 and 3 year old with chicken pox. Mols was covered, Ethan fared much better and hardly got any. I think he's got cabin fever as he likes to get out most days and obviously cant except for a drive round so he's quite restless. Have amused them today with painting, they LOVE paint but its such a mission to clean up afterwards. This was the 2nd round of paint! I dried their pictures on the washing line, its not like I can get any WASHING on there lately is it lol! Play Doh tommoz I think!

Onto WOYWW over at The Stamping Ground! This is where crafters can have a snoop at your workspace, what you're making and how messy we are hehe!
I'm back on the hob this week. Was just finishing off a wedding card (late as usual!) Got my pliers there as I was making a swarovski stick pin and putting a charm on the end, my box of red, orange and yellow flowers, martha punch, not an awful lot to show as I took the pic near the end of production!


Lorraine said...

Ha, ha. What smashing pics, Vix. I cracked up at the one of Mols.

Sue said...

Hi Vix
lol oh what a fabulous piccie, they look like they are having fun, oh playdough luv the smell of that, awful here this morn again wet n dark. Hope the kiddies both feeling better soon, happy WOYWW, sue,x

Annie said...

Lovely card on your desk but I have to say I love the photos of your up and coming crafters best :-) Enjoy
A x

Cath Wilson said...

Oops! What lovely, clean kids you have, Vix, lol. Bet they had loads of fun, though. Neat desk but I know you don't have much choice - good for you.

Unknown said...

great piccie of mols there, looks like there was a lot of cleaning up to do lol

thanks for the snoop hun
judie xx

Wishcraft said...

Wow look at Mols - you're a lot braver than me getting the paints out! Lisa x

Jane said...

I think you should start up WOYKFT...What's On Your Kids Faces Thursday!!!XX

Daniele said...

that is one very mucky girl but oh such fun she looks like she is having thanks for the peek

JoZart Designs said...

Great fun to share! I did this with my just 3 year old grandee last week and we loved it! She went under the table and came out painted face, arms hands legs feet, brown and black, as a mouse squeaking! Thank goodness for soap and water.
JoZarty x

Carola Bartz said...

Wow, those kids!!!
And did I see that correctly, your "desk" is the top of your stove???

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Lovely pics of your kids being kids. I like how you work, putting things away as you go. Guess you would have to if you are working in the kitchen. Sorry that I'm late, but wishing you a belated WOYWW, anyway.

Marjo said...

I love it, what fun for all. Too bad we don't have a magic fairy to clean it all up. Someday I will let all the grandkids try it. Oh yeah outside on the patio where I can hose them all down after. My DH would explode if we did it

Thanks for sharing your cute little Kiddie Krafter's with us.

Hugs, Marjo

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Ooooh very creative.......they certainly look liked they were enjoying themselves.

.....sorry i'm a little late!


Unknown said...

WOW - what wonderful pics of the kids Vix... you'll cherish these pics - but remember to use them to bribe them when they're 18 or have a new boy/girlfriend... my MIL did and my OH got the face on and sped off in his car... soooo funny. I need to dig some out ready to do to my kids now!!!

Hope you never accidentally turn the hob on - that would be a disaster!!!

Paula x x x