Wednesday 25 August 2010

Awards all round and confession....

I don't *do* awards usually, they don't sit well in my psyche but I've had a few passed onto me lately by fabulous friends so this is a real struggle for me as I shall explain further but I want to do it for THEM!

First up is the Cherry on Top award given to me by both Vicky at Kips Cards and Lorraine at Lorraine's place - thank you girls!

1. Thank the person that gave it to you.
2. Post it with pride on your blog.
3. List 3 things you love about yourself. Eeek!!!!!!
4. Post a picture you love.
5. Tag 5 other people for the award

OK 3 things....

1. Errrrrm
2. Ummmmm
3. I'm not very good at this!

A picture I love...

5 other people...

1. Corry - She makes me chuckle with her phrases and pechant for saying girlfriend
2. Lin - She just makes me laugh because she just her
3. Judie - Stark raving bonkers and such a fabulous person
4. Tracy - When I grow up I want to make cards like Tracy
5. Jenni - She's a very quiet DT member so hoping to learn a bit more about her


Next up the Beautiful blogger award from Judie. Thank You petal x

I have to tell you 7 facts about me and pass onto 7 people so here's the confession bit...

1. I find awards difficult because a few years ago I was diagnosed as having Aspergers. Not a lot of people know that until now because I have largely ignored it wanting to be treated as 'normal' which in the main part I am however it does have an impact and things like awards usually cause stress as to who to pass them onto so if I haven't passed it onto to you this time I apologise and its not because you're not loved :) I'll probably obsess over that for the next 5 years lol!

2. There now thats out of the way I have to think of another 6 things.... Ahh yes I have a thing for lists (its a family trait) I have a list for everything on my blackberry for example in my notes folder I have a list for challenges this week, a list of artists I like, my finances for this month, lottery numbers, my stamp list, there are about 30 lists in there.

3. I love fairies (no really, I'd never have guessed!) I prefer fairies with a bit of an edge - bad fairies :D

4. I have a very camp taste in music and every time I hoover I have I want to break free in my head.

5. I loathe Thomas the tank engine because of an ex's 3 year old nephew constantly throwing humdingers because he wanted the video on all day. Thomas thomas I waaaaaaaaaaaant thomas aaaaargh!

6. I don't watch TV except CSI and NCIS sometimes. The last time I saw eastenders stacey had just been found out having an affair with bradleys dad (was an xmas episode some time ago!)

7. I love parma violets :)

Right 7 peeps...

1. Lisa
2. Toria
3. Jane
4. Vicky
5. Lorraine
6. Alison
7. Dot


Lorraine said...

Oh, Vix. Bless you. I didn't mean to cause you any stress, hun and it's very brave of you to post all that. Well done, you.
Thank you for passing an award back to me. I'm very chuffed with it. I've been a long time blogging and it's taken all that time for me to get any awards, pmsl.

Jane said...

EEk! Thank you Vix (and Judie too) for both thinking of MOI to receive an first ever! I'm off to write my acceptance speech & buy a designer frock! Fankoo so much XX

Anonymous said...

Well done for doing this award stuff Vix, I can only imagine how hard it must have been with your condition

Thanks so much for passing on an award to me...was it get your own back time

Sarah_W said...

Vix, you're just you, wouldn't have you any other way! Does explain the fiickity attention to detail on the crafty stuff tho lol xx

Wishcraft said...

Aww thanks Vix... I must admit I don't find awards easy either, it's so stressful deciding who to pass them to, that I end up doing nothing with them and then I feel really guilty! Well done for posting yours, Lisa xx

cockney blonde said...

Oh Vix, you little b----r, now I've got to stress over 7 things...
I would never have guessed about the Aspergers which my Mark has as well. I think I might be bordering on it as I obsess with lists and stuff. Its not easy to live with and you have obviously proved that life can be normal despite a 'label'. Well done you.
Need a lie down and some chocolate now, x

Cor* said...

"Vixykins, I love you girlfriend". So brave of you to open up like that! I too have a thing for lists however I live with a TV and computer attached to my a&& !!! LOL I love the pics of the lil uns constantaly being creative. Wish I had the energy to stimulate my children the same way!! You are a wonderful woman and you inspire me everyday! Keep up the good work!