Wednesday 14 July 2010


I've never entered WOYWW before lol! I think only Jill and Sarah have had the pleasure of seeing my desk which in fact is my cooker hob. I do have a desk and a craft room but they're not currently practical as

1. I cant hear the kids at night if I'm in there

2. If the kids go in it (If I'm doing anything in there) then they quickly destroy everything

3. I can't see what they're up to if I've amused them with something and want a quick daytime dabble

4. Its cold

My youngest Molly is unbelievably naughty, she does it in such a cute way she's forgiven quickly though! Yesterday I thought I'd spend some time editting the pics from 90 cards for my nan so nipped online to do that. I'm rarely on laptop in the day as she goes mad, jumps on me, pulls the keys off my keyboard or does something really naughty whilst my back is turned and yesterday was no exception. Whilst I spent half an hour editting the pictures she got into the bathroom (which I always leave closed but obviously somebody forgot!) helped herself to some fairy liquid and decided she'd clean the stairs with a quarter of a bottle! Do you know how much foam a quarter bottle of fairy makes!!! My vax was foaming at the mouth aaaaargh!!!

And to top it all she rubbed her eyes so I had to wash it out of her eyes too and she was NOT impressed with that!

I digress lol! Yes my desk today...

Bit of a mix bag today as I didnt tidy away from last night (naughty!) so have aspects of design starburst fairies set, brayers, peel off corners from yesterdays, the gesso and the large letter M which I'm doing for The Stampman, my entire collection of blue promarkers as I was in a blue mood but not sure which shade so I got them all out to see which ones I'm drawn to, some 3d gloss which I used on the eyes and wings of the dragon (Lisa Victoria stamp) my glamour dust which is now no more after Molly got hold of it this afternoon and decorated the duvet with it, pearl glimmer mist and my blackberry :)

I also got some new additions at home! I won the goldfish (Nuzzle) at the front at a fair a couple of weeks ago and promptly went to a local aquatic specialist nearby and asked what he needed for him and a friend. Came home with 2 bowls and 3 more fish, 2 are shubunkins aka poor mans Koi. Anyway after much reading I discovered a bowl isnt suitable for one let alone 2 goldfish which is what I was advised so ended up upgrading them to a tank. As the tank has lights I spotted the goldfish (Scratch) I bought from the aquatic centre had white spot so went out and got treatment for it but it didnt make it :( So now we just have Nuzzle & no scratch and Ethan called the shubs Hide & Seek as they were very shy when we first got them. Nuzzle is showing signs of it too, yesterday he had some faint white spots on his tail and is showing signs of stress with the lowered fins but they're all being treated with malachite green and aquarium salt. I hope he makes it as I'd be gutted to lose my fairground fish! He seems much happier this evening thankfully :)

I can spend ages watchng them, very relaxing and they're all very nosy!


Sarah_W said...

I have a cooker hob too now, must get the stains out and get doing something messy really lol

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah, a child who thinks you aren't paying her attention as soon as you open the laptop. For me it was the phone...she'd open kitchen draws and use them as a ladder toget on the worktop and play with the knives....only ever if I was on the phone. Argh. Your 'desk' looks great - I love that you can still be motivated to get stuff out and use them in a lcation that clearly has to be tidied away! Bit concerned that one of the hob rings appears to be on!

Cath Wilson said...

Gosh, you're so TIDY! Aaghh! My desk (and room) would probably drive you MAD!

JoZart Designs said...

Amazing all you create on a cooker hob... I hope your cooking is as good!

Lizzybobs said...

pro markers and fishies on the same post - well there is a first (HUGS)) liz - thought I was following you but can not spot myself will go and add you lol

peggy aplSEEDS said...

oh my, i'm past the stage when my kids are all over me. time flies! love your markers and the way you're using them on the cute dragon.

Spyder said...

Ohooo I need more blue Promakers...I had no idea there were sooo many, I'm missing out here and I love that dragon it's gorgeous! People craft anywhere, cookers have been done before...(by me!) beds, floors, washing machines...your top switch looks like it is slightly turned on...I hope not! Luckily for me, my girls have grown and flown, but were angels when little so I have no tales to tell there...well maybe a few...

Have a great WOYWW this weekend...(I'm a slow typer)