Friday 21 August 2009

Been tinkering

Been having a tinker with starburst stains, blending solution and alcohol ink so thought I'd show ya!
Starburst stains can be mixed with alcohol blending solution so that it dries on non porous surfaces like dominoes. You can mix the starburst stains powder with the blending solution but the mixture is bitty as the SS needs hot water to melt so I mixed the already made SS with some blending solution and added this to a domino. Dont heat set too close or it blows off the edges, just nice and steady at a distance, add more gently with a paintbrush or you'll pull the colour back off. Gives you a nice sparkly surface to play on!

Then you need to stamp and emboss a design, butterflies work well :)

Then using a small paintbrush dip it into some blending solution and gently paint over the wing area, dab off with a wipe.

Do this gently several times, paint on dab off and the base colour will lift off like this.

Some of your finer lines may also come off, dont worry thats good as it lets the next colours spreadout more! When you've taken off the base colour from inside the wings paint it with the blending solution and using a paintbrush drop in some alcohol inks. The blending solution makes them spread out forming nice pwitty patterns!

This one was made by painting blending solution, dropping alcohol ink then a drop of blending solution and quickly heat setting then repeating with the ink which spreads then blending solution which makes the circles then heating. Finished it with a layer of dimensional glaze and some beadazzles :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tutoriol..
ps their is a chanca to win some of those stain's from the stampman blog

Juls said...

ooooH this is just gorgeous!

The Stamp Man said...

Lovely project! I tried something similiar but using surgical spirit instead of the blending solution, I was pleased with the results but do need to experiment a bit more with it, now I need to try them on dominoes! Thanks for sharing your inspiration!! Glad I'm not alone in the love of SS dept!! Will follow your blog, I think I need to have a good look around:)

Thanks Jill x

Vixykins said...

Oh dear lord I just ran a search on my blog on starburst stains and I didnt realise how many there were haha! I'm not addicted to them (much) lol! There's the SS and my collection of moonshadows and the EP's especially the midnight series.... oh and I have the glitz spritz and pigment powders too...

I think I have a serious addiction to moonglow lol!

I cook mine in the oven to get them to dry faster :D

This project Here is similar to the surgical spirit one you do on glossy :)

Sara said...

Lovely effects. Thanks for sharing the technique with us and the tips for making it work better. I think it's about time I got my moonglows back out. Sara xx