Tuesday 28 April 2009


I am just sooooo manic at the moment! I'm making personalised notebooks for DD and her friends, they all want pink lol! All have to be done by Tuesday so I'm sure I'll do it! Doesnt help my wrist is KILLING ME!!! I fell down the stairs a week last sunday and its been sore since then, irony is I live in a bungalow so stairs are few and far between lol!
Also on our group Crafty Cardmaking I challenged Benita to the Ugly Moo challenge! This is a stamp I've had for years and years and I saw it on ebay a while back, the seller calling it the most hideous cow stamp in the world or something along those lines. Benita took pity being the kind hearted Saffer girl she is and bought her for the grand sum of 1p! I challenged Benita her cow versus mine and half the forum have joined in all making this poor cow a pretty girl lol!
Here's mine, she's sat on a wooden swing which does actually move :D Benita is having her for her birthday hehe!
Anyways off to put the kids to bed, Ethan is falling asleep with Evil Ted!

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Ila said...

Super Cute and Gorgeous!!...This cow is so Pretty!!...Thank you so much for spreading the news of my blog candy....Good Luck!!...Hugs, Ila