Sunday 12 April 2009

Easter Bonnets!

Well the kids went on an Easter egg hunt and we'd been asked for them to wear bonnets with a prize for the bestest! Me being me got stuck straight into making them, havent made one before so was a learning curve.

Here's Ethan's design....

I used starburst stains and cut out a grass shape, made bunny shapes (ovals and ears) and covered them in pva before sticking on cotton wool and taking off the excess. They're secured with brads so they move. The daffodils are all handmade and I used sticky letters to spell Hoppy Easter and covered them in scrapito foil. I made the eggs out of brown card then drew choc squares with watercolour pencil and blended them and added the purple paper over the top.

Molly's I went more for the Showgirl look! The birds have attacked the pampas grass in the garden and snapped all the stalks so waste not want not I pulled some off gave it a wash and dyed it pink! The greenery is from one of the trees outside and it has various mulberry flowers and beads on.

I was quite amazed that both kids wore them no problem without flinging them off every 2 minutes! Anyway, Ethan's bonnet won it :D He proudly accepted a prize of an easter egg hunt pack with chocolate bunnies and marshmellows in. He was in chocolate heaven on the way home!

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