Saturday 4 October 2008

Plodding on!

Moonbeams is still providing us with poo explosions up to her armpits! Although she's down to about 4 a day now so getting better *phew!*
Been looking at arty cards & ATC's and I sooooo wanna play and get messy! There is some amazing work around on blogs!
Anyways I have managed a little play around with the moonglow shadow inks again and they've turned out gorgeous! I love brown card and especially brown card which changes colour!

Here's some I made recently, you can see the glow on the top card. The bottom 2 are image wallets so they open up and have pockets inside for sending some stamped images.

I painted tilda with moonshadow ink too so the brown changes colour, its great stuff to work with!

And here's 2 of my darling babies! Ethan is being a good big bruv, awww he's a love for his mum, very helpful!

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Jami said...

beautiful cards. Your children are so cute!