Wednesday 29 October 2008

Molly Moonbeams bad hair day!

Well my little Molly Victoria Trixie is turning into a right little madam indeed! She seems very bright, interested in toys, shows off pulling her dummy in and out herself and lives to hold hands and play with toys, she's worked out how to rock herself in the carseat bless her! Ethan gets on very well with her, she giggles her socks off when he plays with her, he hekps to put her dummy back in or tries to change her bum lol!

She woke up yesterday morning after her bath with frightful hair! I managed to put it in a bobble briefly but its been stuck like that for 2 days now haha!

I've also been frequenting Do Crafts lately to swap ATC's. I'm into them at the mo as its all I have time for! I look for a challenge, good ATCers particularly stampers to give me something to aim for, they do some fabulous work!

One such person is Tish (Kent) who swapped her gorgeous 6 sided ladies and gentlemen with me and asked for like for like, here was my response!

Its made with distress inks and then brushed with versamark reinker, stamps are time to stamp embossed with moonglow midnight emerald. Also stamped brown ink with bubblewrap, the tile is alcohol ink embossed with detail gold and its all edged with krylon gold :)


Jami said...

Cute picture! Love your artwork.

craftyrachel said...

I love Molly's hair! Sooooooo Cute!

Liz said...

Aw what a cutie! Fab ATCs too :)

Liz xxx

Unknown said...

Bad hair day's on little girls just make me smile :) and I love your arch booklet...

Annapurna said...

She is growing big. Feels like she was just born yesterday.

Good luck with your move and Happy Holidays!