Friday 8 August 2008

Why Oh Why....

Did we have another one!!! AAAARGH!!!

Awww thats unfair lol! Molly's got colic only she's a LOT louder than Ethan was when he had it. By god that girl can scream! She made my ears buzz before! Finding it quite tough going as she's clingy in the day and about 3pm it starts and goes on and on and on until around 8, by which time I'm ready to have a breakdown.

She had her 6 week check up this week, all's well, doctor found her birthmark which is a patch on the back of her head which we thought was a rash. They've also been a party this week, was Maxine's little boy's 5th birthday, Ethan crammed as much as he could in his big gob all at once lol! Molly slept through most of it and woke up when most of the kids had gone and it had gone quiet!
Here's new pic at 6 weeks (Notice Maxine's fabulous wallpaper in the background lol! She's dead proud of that you know! You'll recognise it from the american boy video ;-))

And this is Jamie's birthday card made with DCWV rock star stack, magnolia edwin with balloon painted with distress inks and outlined with a grey copi cmarker which sheilakins kindly sent me! The stars and number 5 are chipboard

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