Wednesday 2 July 2008

We've survived!

Yes we're still in the land of the living and actually doing quite well! Ethan has turned into a little angel bless him! He's normally a handful and a half but the past few days he's been good as gold, he even put himself on the changing mat for a bum change, I couldnt believe it, normally its an ordeal and I have to chase him everywhere. He also seems to be understanding more of what you're saying to him, I asked him to get his shoe and he got his shoe and sat still whilst I put it back on, fantastic!

Molly Moo is a bit colicky some days so she gets clingy. On days where she's screaming and clinging to us its followed by a day of her doing non stop sleep! She only wakes once in the night between 4-6am for a feed and goes straight back to sleep so so far has been a doddle to look after!

We treated Ethan to his first ice cream cone as he's been a good lad.

We also took the kids out for a walk down the trans pennine. Ethan wanted to climb in and out of the new pram, he helped me push Molly Moo and had a good run round.
Daddy got Molly Moo out for a breath of fresh air and look at the size of those feet ahhhhh!


Rachel Webber said...

Glad you're all well - she's beautiful, but then so is Ethan & it sounds like he's turning into a very sensible big brother.

Loopy said...

Looks like a lovely day out hon, thanks for the visit, glad you like the blog. I have redecorated a bit but unsure so stop by and let me know what you think.

Rosie said...

OMG - she's adorable Vix! What lovely photos...glad you enjoyed your day out!