Saturday, 19 April 2008

Molly Moo's 4d scan

(Yes they checked again and she's still a girl lol!)

This time she performed and didnt hide herself, we think she looks just like Eefie, has same nose and face shape. We're not sure about the lips though!


Elisabeth said...

OMG!! How cool is that??!! I actually didn't know that they can open their eyes in the womb. Call me stupid. LOL

CraftyTracy said...

Wow that is mind blowing.
how exciting.


Rachel said...

Aww thanks for sharing such awesome images, she looks cute as a button.

Claire aka Feline said...

Wow, totally blown away and could watch for ages, its such a wonderful miracle to create and grow such innocence...I'm so pleased its going well, take care hun :) xxx

Tiffany's Designs said...

Amazing, now I really am broody

Take Care Hun xxx

Hels said...

WOW....that is so amazing, I am sitting here all goosebumpy, it is awesome!! Your little one looks sooo comfy and snug in there...I bet you cannot wait to meet her!! Hels xx