Wednesday 11 May 2011

Baaaaad week & a couple of cards

Been having a helluva week!  Started with DD2 being a complete nightmare at weekend culminating in her throwing up so that kinda explained the vile mood she'd been in!  Then I have DS having a complete meltdown, he's not had one that bad for quite a while since I banned aspartame in his diet but he was TERRIBLE, hitting and kicking me, attacking Molly who screams the place down if he comes withn 2 foot of her then that also culminated in him being sick several times and off school today.  Wednesday morning is my only time I don't have either of them and I had so much planned for today too aaargh!  He's better now so back to school he goes!

I've also had a long awaited psychiatrist appointment, I don't normally talk about personal stuff like that as you know but I think people going through it would fnd it helpful.  Basically I saw a clinical psychologist for about 6 years a while ago who diagnosed me with Aspergers which at the time I refused to accept.  However the past couple of years it got to the point where it couldn't really be ignored so I looked into it and I could really relate to adults wth AS, I don't really relate to 'normal' people (unless theyre crafters as thats my special interest)  Anyway turns out that the clinical psychologist hardly made any notes in 6 years and as far as the current professionals are concerned his word means diddly squat so I asked for reassessment to either confirm or dispute the diagnosis.

Saw another psychologist in January who felt I was too complex for her so she referred me onto a psychiatrist knowing full well I wanted the AS assessed.  Finally after waiting since January I saw her this week and it started so bad they sent me to the wrong clinic then called me by my married nae from yeeeeeears ago then the Dr just mumbled and you have to go through the whole thing again and again and again which winds me up no end.

Anyway for those of you familiar with Aspergers she claimed that I "Couldn't be AS as people with AS dont get married or have babies"  LMAO!!!
Everyone I know with AS is MARRIED, many of them have children and its also hereditory (Look at my Dad and tell me he's not!) so if AS people dont reproduce then surely it would have died out yes?
I challenged her on that one then she admitted she knew little about AS so NOW I'm being referred to a specialist which I asked for IN THE FIRST PLACE!! 
She also said yes I have AS traits but she didn't see the point in a diagnosis as there are no services anyway!!  Unbelieveable!
A lad I know local said he had to travel to sheffield to get his diagnosis as local would not give him a label so ain't looking good.  The other thing is if they DO officially label then they have to provide service to meet my needs and although I've muddled through life, someone younger may have a greater level of need therefore they need resources and services - money.  There's the answer, money!

So anyway if you're looking to get a diagnosis anytime soon don't hold your breath :/  As for me I'm a bit eccentric, I may not speak to you but that is not because I'm shy or rude its because I don't have a clue how to start a conversation and if by some miracle I do I won't be able to hold it so I don't bother.  Ask me questions and I will answer, talk about crafting and I'll chew your ear off, step outside that zone and theres only a rare few I do speak to on other subjects.  This is in real life, on tinternet I'm fine as I have time to think of responses. Sometimes I may not respond as a long mail takes me ages to read, re-read and understand then think of appropriate response.  Its funny that actually in a work environment I wear a mask, a different persona, I do the job (and very well) then go home, you wont find me at after work functions, I attended the occasional large christmas party but just hookng up outside work was a no no, probably thought I was a right anti-social git lol! 

Right had me mini-rant!  I just hate it when I get pushed from pillar to post and end up at the first pillar I asked for!

Sharing a couple with you I made this week before I sign off.  This first one is for the new challenge at Bearly Mine Designs who have a vintage easel theme.  I used a stamp called Ophelia by The Stampsmith available from Crafts & Me here.  I stamped with one of the adirondack multicolour inkpads then stipled some lavender distress inks.  I've used Bearly Mine's Vintage papers here  I also punched the butterflies out of the vintage papers and added distress stickles as the body bit.
Would like to enter into..

Sketch N Stash - Challenge 61

This one is for Passion for Promarkers theme of Teenagers this week, I thought I'd go along the manga line as I know teens love them.  Image is another one by the talented *Sureya over on Deviant Art and she's called Emerald.  She's coloured in a variety of greens with a yellow halo and added bling bling :)
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Scrap Affair said...

I am the same way, but I thought that is just my personality( No clue....
And wish to learn from you.

Sheila said...

Vix, You are very brave opening your heart on here and pat your back for doing so! Tho I have no experience of your 'condition', I have in the past suffered from poor mental health and have experience of poor healthcare due to professionals ignorance. I can understand why you get frustrated but hang on in there. I am sure you are doing your best but can you get support from family/close friends to ease any pressure you feel? Take care hun! Fabulous cards by the way - you are SO talented artistically!! :)X

Chrissie said...

Two absolutely gorgeous cards, I especially love the vintage style of the first one and that stamp is beautiful. Your colouring is always superb (which is why I picked you as one of my 'Top 3' last week)
Hope your assessment gets sorted very soon and things improve for you.
Thanks for joining in again with Sketch N stash.
lol Chrissie xx

Kim x said...

Hi Vix sorry you have had a crappy week, I understand exactly how you feel about being pushed from pillar to post have had it with both Adam and Becki(my son and youngest daughter)
Hope you have a great time at Port Sunny sorry I won't be there to see you we could have had a chat and let off steam. Anyway I'm always at the end of the phone if you need a chat even though I know that might be difficult for you - we could talk craft :)
Love and hugs

Pink Scrappin Diva said...

lovely card loveg image you used is adorable...thank you for playing with us this week over at the critter sketch challenge....good luck!

Crystal said...

Wow, wonderful cards, I love your colouring on the Yellow/Green one, it's beautiful!! I wish I could colour hair like that. Thanks for playing along with us at Critter Sketch Challenge :)

mimi.bricole said...

both of your cards are fantastic....
i especially LOVE this manga one... thanks to you, I now know Sureya and will surely make cards with those amazing manga images, so THANK you!

sgc said...

Great cards, but I especially love the green and yellow one. After the week you had, I'm glad you found some time for crafting:) Thank you for playing in the Critter Sketch green and yellow challenge.

tiggertastic said...

oh Lord hunny you have been though a lot since i went on holiday. I would say i can't believe that you are back at the first post - but really i can see it with our NHS. I am just so annoyed for you and that fact that after all this you still don't have an answer, and you don't have dates and times to to get this resolved. Even if they say they can't do anything, that really doesn't matter, you yourself want answers, you want a diagnoses and you need to know for peace of mind and no more poking and prodding about. oh hunny i am so upset by this, i know i don't have the same but i am back at the hospital again next month which is a long story but again a suspected wrong diagnoses, they just don't get the pain and suffering people go though over 3, 5, 6 years or longer.

I hope that the sickness has stopped and that the rest of the family are feeling better and settled again now hunny.

Do take care, and how you created cards during this week is a unknown, but they are both stunning as always hunny

Sarah x

Juls said...

wow both of these are just gorgeous!!

Love the real vintage feel of your first card, and the gorgeous rich colours in your 2nd card!! both are utterly gorgeous in thier own right! Hugs Juls