Sunday 9 May 2010

Port Sunny show samples

Hello to everybody who came over and said Hi to us on The Stampman stall at Port Sunny yesterday and gave us their support and fankoo muchly to Cath who stepped in whilst I got a promarker and sticky gem fix! I had a fun time and got mucky hands yay!

I brought some new pieces and did some demos on the techniques so if you can't remember them here they are :)

First one is bleaching starburst stains.
Paint a piece of cardstock, a heavier weight one works best such as 250gsm. Once you've painted on a full covering paint stripes across the page letting the colours mingle and puddle. In this example I have just used one colour which is gumbo gator olive from the mardi gras set. Dry this off with a heat gun and stamp and emboss your image. The image I have used here is from the Butterfly Beauties sheet was embossed with moonglow midnight copper embossing powder.
I have made another sheet using the same puddle method and sprayed with bleach (1/4 strong bleach and 3/4 water) and repeated as necessary.
The hair I have painted on a thin layer of bleach then used the blue from the mardi gras set and painted in the hair area. For the face I have painted on bleach and repeated until it was very light.

Sheet below shows the non bleached and bleached piece.

This piece I used starburst stains as watercolours and the cling film technique. To do the cling film technique paint a piece of cardstock with one colour then paint stripes or blotches using the same colour or add in more colours then take a piece of cling film and lay this across the wet sheet and push crinkles into it, put it aside to dry for a while. When you remove the cling film you will achieve affects as seen on the back of this post it holder.

I have watercoloured the Hero Arts flowers and used the Victorian Bouquet set throughout (1st set I bought!)

This piece shows the cling film technique and the effects you achieve.
And finally the distressed scrunch! Take a piece of plain copier paper, paint a base layer then drop splodges of other colours and scrunch! There is a photo tutorial here. In this example I've just used one colour (Hydrangea Blue from Victorian Bouquet) Dry your sheet off and swipe over the top with an inkpad, for the example I used a black brilliance but you can use distress etc.
To get the crinkles flat (some like to keep them others dont) then use a wet glue such as a pva or glue stick on the back of the paper and put some onto a piece of card and flatten them down. You can stamp on this, cuttlebug it or use it as design papers as below.

Hope I've given you some ideas and if you bought some or have them sitting in the cupboard then off ya go with them and have sparkly fun!


Cath Wilson said...

Your samples were superb, Vix - well cool :) I wish I'd managed to get a closer look at what you were doing cos I've never used starburst stains... loved the samples you had on display, though. It was a pleasure to help out and I'm always willing to help out. There are SOME aspects of exhibiting I do miss out on, lol - not the hard work, though...

Kim x said...

Well done you, Starburst Stains are brill arent they. I never did get my stamp set I will have to get Jill to send me one.
Love Kimx

Lorraine said...

Interesting work there, Vix. Love the effects you've achieved.

Are these things similar to Glimmer Mists? I can't get on with them at all. They're just gathering dust, lol.

Juls said...

wow these are just gorgeous!! Love the bright blue colours, and the eyes are so striking!! Hugs Juls

precious said...

The eyes are so nice and it is like striking you. Love the colors that were used.
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Helen Ding said...

oh gorgeous! love your samples... makes me want to buy lots more stamping things that I can't afford ;o)