Friday 27 November 2009

Cards for The Stampman create & craft show 28th Nov

LOL Don't know why this appeared on my other blog, I was signed into this one :$ Silly blogger playing tricks again!

As promised I'll start going through them and how they were made! I'm starting with the easy ones *smiles* and working my way up lol!

As I mentionned I've tried to do some at all skill levels so that anyone can relate to one of them.
This one is my favourite of the easier ones so a good place to start

The backing paper is starburst stains in Glory of the seas gold using the scrunch technique. You paint it onto a piece of plain copier paper, add a few extra blobs, fold it in half then crumple it up. Open it out and dry with a heat gun or in the oven (or washing line if the weather is good!)
The main panel is the same colour painted onto card then I have put quite a bit of the stains on to form puddles going right across the card and dried them with a heat gun which had left 2 tones of gold, the puddle looks blue, cool hey!

Next I have stamped and embossed the frame and also the small set of fairies and then stamped some stars in stazon timber brown in the background. Added some iridescent sticky gems around the bottom swirls and tied a black ribbon and pushed a gold brad through. The brad has been stamped with stars using stazon, its easier to bring the brad to the stamp to do this. Ive then added a sticky gem to the centre.
The angels wings were made using a glue pen, left to dry and then added some leafing foil which you should see on the show tomorrow, its lovely to work with :) I scratched into the foil with a pricking tool to give it some detail rather than a solid look.


This one I call Fairy Party :) The backing paper is made with Opal Sea Oats using the scrunch technique. Its a beautiful colour this, I love it! The panel was made with the same colour using a puddle technique but only lightly then I have used stazon timber brown to stamp the smallest fairies first randomly. I stamped off onto scrap paper first so that the ink wasn't as dark then I have gone over this with the medium faires and finally stamped the large fairy and the stars and embossed with moonglow midnight copper embossing powder.

The edges were distressed with scissors, you simply open your scissors and run these up the edges. Then I have used a piece of cut n dry foam dabbed into the stazon timber brown and run this round the edges, turning up one corner and securing it with a copper brad. I distressed the mounting card with stazon also.

The panel at the bottom is made with a layer of acetate then a sheet of double sided sticky, added the gold leafing foil and more double sided sticky to secure it at the back and then I've stamped with stazon at the front.


The background to this is made using Moonshadow Mist in Tawny Turquoise (now the blue mount makes sense eh!) which has been sprayed onto card. I stamped the medium fairies with stazon timber brown, again stamping off onto scrap paper first to make it lighter the I have stamped and embossed the large fairy and added a silver brad on her wand.
I have stamped using stazon all around the panel and in the corners of the base card adding blue ink over the top.

The fairies dress was made by stamping part of the fairy onto acetate and adding foil using a double sided sticky sheet as previously mentionned and cutting out before using more DST to attach it to the fairy.


Leah l'Orange said...

oh MY. Vixy, these are AMAZING! i love the fae silhouettes, and you turned them into magic! wonderful job!

Glennis F said...

Truly beautiful - I wish I could see the show!

Anonymous said...

Well done Vix, these are lovely. I am busy all day so I will be skyplusing the show...Goodluck

Neet said...

Lovely cards - and thanks so much for the tutorials.

Debbie Dolphin said...

lovely cards vix and even nicer in the flesh!!lol
ive just finished watching the show and very good too
debbie xx

Josephine said...

That was really intersting! I must try starburst stains - I've just got to work out where I'd store them (but then that goes for all my craft stuff ...)

Thanks for sharing how to produce such lovely cards.

lisa said...

These are all gorgeous cards. I saw them in real life on Jill's show yesterday and they look amazing.