Tuesday 1 September 2009

Copic advice wanted!

I'm looking to buy one of the 36 pen sets soon and have written which set contains which colours onto a colour example sheet so I can see clearly whats what.
I have mainly pens from set A particularly skin and hair tones. I wasn't too fussed on set D as they look quite dark so that leaves B or C

Have any of you got either (or both) of these and what do you think?

I also have promarkers in pastels, greys and skin accents sets plus amethyst, aubergine, cocoa, cinnamon, mandarin, apple, emerald, rose pink, sky blue & turquoise so looking for a set which compliments these too(Not asking much eh lol!)

B or C?

I'm also interested in the airbrush system but do I go for the copics or the promarker one?


Anonymous said...

I wish I could help , I haven't had mine long enough to give advise...
Probably due to the fact my Hubby brought me over 350 of the pen's for my 40th Birthday and haven't used many yet...

I know I am a lucky girl and wish I was 40 next year too.
I will say one of my favourite colour's is YG01 Green Bice.

And I agree I think the paler colour's are more natural and more useful..
Hope you get what you want and look forward to seeing more of your lovely design's.

I would love to get some starburst stain's and if you as a lover of them could give ME some help with what colour's to start with I would be very greatfull

Sheila said...

BOTH!!!.. :).. but if I could only pick 1 set I'd go for C hun, as for airbrushing.. those gas can don't last long & Copic Ciao's will only fit the holder if you stick a bit of folded card under the marker as you put it in there :), as they weren't made to use with the air brush system .. the Sketch markers are for that.

Hugs Sheila xx

Vixykins said...

LOL I know the airbrush is for the sketch so I'd have to get a few colours for it but having given it some thought the set if about 25, plus gas plus sketch pens at a fiver each and OMG!

I'm only getting one set as I really really cant justify spending so much money on pens for myself! Maybe I might be lucky and Santa will bring me another set ;) Going to get one at port sunny next month :)

Sheila said...

yeah but you can use the Ciao's in the air brush system hun, like I said you just have to stick a bit of folded card under the marker as you put it in the holder:).. I'm lucky in that I've got a compressor :) cost me £45 but in the long run far cheaper then the gas can's would have cost me, in the 18 months I've had it :)...
Sheila xx