Sunday 31 May 2009

Feeling hot hot hot!

What a glorious weekend it has been, a lovely 24 degrees with a slight breeze, absolutely perfect weather for me!

Been taking the kids out as much as to take advantage of the good weather. Last week we went to Gullivers World in Warrington. Last time I went was 6 years ago and to be honest I never rated the place, always a bit run down. Checked the website and saw a couple of new things so thought I'd give it another go and OMG its changed! Loads and loads of new rides and tons of play areas, ball pits, sit and rides so that there's things for the kids to climb on and not have to queue for everything.

Molly is now *nearly* walking! She can stand herself up for longer and longer and constantly tries it, wont be long now till she's off chasing her brother!

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Leigh said...

The kids look like they are having a fabulous time Vix.