Friday 5 September 2008

Poorly ick kids

Awwww Moonbeams has been poorly ick this week with a cold. She's a trooper god bless her, she sounds like a bulldog snorting in her cot but will still give you smiles even though her nose is blocked. We've been completely blessed with this one, she smiles all the time, waits patiently, puts up with her brothers tantrums and is sleeping ALL NIGHT! Between 11-12 hours ever night now what a star!

I think what helped was the Magic of Rooibos or South African redbush tea. I remembered reading some stuff about it being used for colic so looked into it again and gave it a whirl. She was a different child afterwards, very calm and relaxed. In the evenings she has the odd gripe or two but nothing like it was, definately made a difference.


Jami said...

OHH! So sorry to hear the little one is sick. Hope she feels better real soon.

craftyrachel said...

I hope by now she is better. She is a cutie!

Claire aka Feline said...

Hi Hun, miss you over on Blooming Pages...Molly is getting so big and I hope she's now feeling are you?