Thursday 26 June 2008

Little Miss Molly Moo

Little Miss Molly Victoria Trixie arrived on 24th June 2008 weighing 7lb 14oz. Got to hospital on tuesday morning to be told they couldnt induce me as she was already well on the way, apparantly I was 4cm so they sent me for a walk, labour started a short while later and she arrived 4 hours after that :)


clare said...

hi congratulations on the birth of a very cute baby girl..n i love the name mollyxxx
and what a mop of hair she my son had hair like that when he was born.

just to say i love your blog've got your hands full now..cardmaking out the

all the best love clare xx

Annapurna said...

CONGRATULATIONS! She is so cute! Aren't you glad no medicinal intervention was needed.

Take care. Hugs to Molly and you.

Liz said...

Oh congratulations Vix! Aw, Molly is so cute, what beautiful photos of her very first days :D

Sending you hugs, Liz x

Elisabeth said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Congrats!! She is beautiful!

Jami said...

OHHHH! She's so beautiful. I love all that dark hair. Congratulations.

Annie Stamps said...

Vix, she is absolutely adorable.
Much much prettier than the scan.
Hope I get to meet her at the next stamp show at Port Sunny. love Annie P

Dawn said...

Congrats! Miss Molly is just too cute! Look at all that hair. She is just beautiful!