Sunday 1 June 2008

And it starts.....

The manic cleaning! In the past couple of days I've hoovered the stairs - I NEVER ever ever hoover stairs, I'd rather stick hot pins in my eyes! The bathroom is now cleared of lots of nearly empty bottles that you keep "for emergencies" as you do.... Today was the bedrooms turn, I've dragged furniture everywhere, made the cot up and I'm sorting out all my old craft mags - if anybody wants any magazines (cardmaking & papercraft, papercraft inspirations, papercraft essentials that kinda thing) let me know, I only want an SAE. Now my crafting area is organised and squeeky clean. Boo says I sound like a hamster in the corner as I'm opening drawers and filing things away. The lounge is next on my hit list followed by the kitchen then the garden.

My feet sting, my legs are swollen, I've got carpal tunnel in my right hand and I'm the size of a whale but I neeeeeeeed to clean!
Anyways here's some more pics I took recently. This one is Eefie with Stacey. I told her she looks like Kajagoogoo, she said WHO? Showing my age I think! Bless her though, she's got a saturday job in a hairdressers and she did extra days last week during half term. She's worked a whole day and paid for a haircut for me on thursday as I'm always moaning about my hair! Its too long and eefie keeps ripping it out and pulling it and it drives me mad!

This is Eefie with his Great Grandma aka my Nan! She's 88 this month and is stubbornly, fiercely and determinedly independent! She actually let me make her hanging baskets this year, she never lets me do anything for her! I'm very close to Nan :)

I love this photo, its a shame it was just a tad out of focus. Boo & Eefie decided to play in the sprinklers. The water was ice cold and Eefie kept getting a cold blast on his bum which although he pulled some fabulous faces and looks of sheer horror he couldnt help but go back for more lol!

Wanna have a guess when Molly Moo will make an appearance? I'm actually due 25th. I was exactly 2 weeks early with Stace and had Eefie on his due date so have a guess!


Annapurna said...

This was the stage where I couldn't take it any longer. If you got the urge to clean so much, then this one must be coming early. Let me say 12th, since you will be 36 weeks and out of the woods by then. Nice pictures.

Annapurna said...

Thanks for correcting my math. 40-2 came out to 36 weeks in my head. LOL!
I think I will stick with the 12th since that was the first thing that came to mind. Enjoy the journey!

MelissaS said...

Best of luck to you. Hopefully you're doing well. Thanks for sharing the great pics!