Tuesday 22 January 2008

Good evening

Well I've been having attacks of the insomniacs lately so have been spending some quiet time mooching round crafty blogs, there is sooo much wonderful work and talent out there! Anyhow I thought I'd have yet another go *sigh* Taking bets on how long I'll keep this blog up haha! I WILL I WILL I WILL DO IT!!

My camera is currently broken, it was a lovely little HP photosmart R707 about 3 and a half years old. OK its not the best in the world, its not SLR or anything fancy but you know it took great pics, had everything on it I needed and served me well. I'm currently stalking fleabay for a replacement, do I try something new? I'm not the kinda person to spend megabucks on a camera, if it takes good close ups then that will do me.
Its only been broke a few days and I realised how much I do actually NEED one! I've just rceived some new magnolia stamps and have been playing but I cant take a picture *yet*

Speaking of which, arent they just fab! I like cutesey, I bought a couple of penny blacks but they just didnt do it for me now these are something else! I need a stash clearout though, no really I do. I must have between 4-500 stamps and I've got all kinds I dont use, not just stamps. Thing is I tend to buy in sets so will get 10 inkpads then like my versacolor ones I think I dont use them anymore and give them away I fnd tapestry stamps, recommended inkpad - yup versamark! Oh well, never liked them anyway, I use versamagic, cats eye chalk or anything else I've got in. I'm learning to cope with what stash I already have. OK my stash collection would easily fill a small shop but you know a girl can't have too many toys!

I am itching to get a set of nestabilities but am promising myself I must be good and wait. It's killing me it really is! OK maybe not physically but I really really really want a set (or two) of these.

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Scrap Affair said...

I have been through your blog all day long! You probaly don't even care... but, I have been your fan for a long-long time. Because of you I have got a nerve to try "Sweet Pea" stamps, I still got a lot to learn from you, I really do admire what you do. You are different then most of the scrappers, I wish, I could be like you.